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Gramercy Tools Hand Cut Rat-tail Rasps

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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Rat tail - 1/4 diam. 6" long , 25 tpi alt="Rat tail - 1/4 diam. 6" long , 25 tpi"cancel Rat tail - 1/4 diam. 6" long , 25 tpi ($49.95) In Stock
Rat tail - 3/8" diam. 8" long , 20 tpi alt="Rat tail - 3/8" diam. 8" long , 20 tpi"cancel Rat tail - 3/8" diam. 8" long , 20 tpi ($69.95) In Stock
Like everyone else, we are suckers for hand made rasps. These Gramercy Tools rat-tail rasps are hand cut and you will be surprised not only by how fast they work, but by how smooth a surface they leave. They can remove a lot of material precisely and speedily. Made of surgical grade stainless steel for a tough, long life with a brass ferruled wood handle. The lengths given are the approximate working length of the rasp. "Teeth coarseness" is the approximate number of teeth per inch of the rasp teeth.

Cabinet and modelling rasps (see accessory list below) are designed for average applications. These round rat-tail rasps are cutting decorative curves, enlarging holds and other places where a tight curve on a rasp is needed. The rasps are made in Pakistan, which has a long tradition of metalwork, by a single craftsman with very limited production who is working to our specifications. Sizes will come in an out of stock as supply permits. The handles are made in USA..

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