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Tools for Working Wood
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  • Carving

    We have a complete selection of quality carving tools for all sorts of carving. We have standard length or professional carving tools in a full range of sizes, smaller size tools for smaller work, palm tools, carving knives, chip carving knives, and micro carving tools. The reality of carving tools is that you don't need a whole bunch - just what's right for your type of work. If you are new to carving, we strongly urge you to buy your tools in a set. The basic sets have been sold in the same configuration for over a century and that's where you should begin. Of course we also sell complete lines of individual carving tools, and we would be happy to recommend something specific should you wish to consult with us. For an explanation of the terminology of carving tools, click here.

    In addition to tools from several small specialized makers, we stock two major brands of carving tools: Two Cherries (Kirchen) from Germany and Ashley Iles of England. Both makers of some of the best tools in their respective traditions. For a comparison chart of the two makers click here.

    Note: We are in the process of adding dozens of more tools and accessories by different makers. Sharpening equipment such as stones, slips, strops, and lapping film are listed in the sharpening department.