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Bevel Gauge by Gramercy Tools

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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Bevel Gauge by Gramercy Tools - This chisel is just a touch steeper than 22 1/2 degreesBevel Gauge by Gramercy Tools - This chisel is just a touch steeper than 22 1/2 degreescancelleft arrowright arrow
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- This chisel is just a touch steeper than 22 1/2 degrees

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Annealed Stainless Steel alt="Annealed Stainless Steel"cancel Annealed Stainless Steel ($9.95) In Stock
Bevel gauges are indispensable guides used to measure the sharpening angle of the cutting edge of a chisel or plane iron.

We always talk about the angle to which a tool should be ground, but without a decent gauge it's hard to get it right. A bevel gauge is a great way of maintaining and setting angles when grinding.

The Gramercy Tools bevel gauge incorporates several features that makes the gauge exceptionally useful. Compared to other gauges on the market, the Gramercy Tools Bevel Gauge offers a fuller range of angles, with more angles graduated in 2-1/2° intervals. The gauge is also easy to read and easy to hold in a consistent orientation.

We are manufacturing two versions of this tool: a premium version in thick hard brass, and a standard version in annealed stainless steel. Both gauges serve the same function and share these features:

  • Full range of 18 angles.
  • 10° to 45° by 2-1/2° intervals
  • Hang hole
  • Ergonomic oval shape is easy to hold in a consistent orientation
  • Oval shape is 2" x 3"

Specific features of the annealed stainless steel version:

  • Easy to read white angle markings
  • Crisp cutouts in .015" annealed stainless steel that give a positive reading and will not damage your edge
  • Marked on one side only
  • Will not rust or tarnish
  • Cost-effective

Specific features of the premium hard brass version:

  • The brass is cut using an EDM process so that the edges are crisp, square, and give a positive reading that you cannot get from a punched part
  • Elegantly engraved on both sides so no matter how you hold it you can see the markings
  • 1/16" thick, hard brass feels great in the hand
  • Packed in a small box

Made in USA.
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Bevel gauge
By: Richard Kell (Jul, 2023)
Imitation the finest form of flattery...
The best bevel guage
By: Randy G. (Oct, 2021)
This gauge works beautifully. On other gauges, the blade edge bottoms out before the angle can be accurately read. The TFWW gauge allows for easy and accurate angle measurement. And the stainless steel version is a great value.
I own this product.
By: eve (May, 2021)
First Class Tool
By: Dennis Exman (Mar, 2021)
Very pleased with my purchase. The brass gage is a jewel in my tool box. I too used black permanent marker to fill the engraved lettering and acetone to clean excess. It made the gage very easy to read with my old tired eyes.
I own this product.
Great gauge
By: Richard Prima (May, 2020)
The hard brass version is a fabulous bevel gauge, and I've used several! My only complaint (and it's partly due to my eyesight) is that the numbers are quite small. But, they are nicely engraved and I was able to fill them with a marker and buff off the excess so they stand out just fine.
I own this product.

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