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Our Fall 2011 Mini-Catalog and Work Magazine

We did a mailing in November 2011 of a small, sixteen page catalog. It was a project we wanted to do for years. Inspired by all the old tool catalogs and how-to magazine that inform our products we decided to do a catalog in the same style. The catalog contains only a few products but we love the way it came out. While we did print a few extra copies for distribution at events we basically are unable to mail individual copies. You can download a copy of the PDF here.

In the catalog we included scans of several projects from WORK An Illustrated Magazine of Practice and Theory for all Workmen, Professional and Amateur. We printed them as big as we could but if you wish to download better PDF copies click the images below:

From the October 4th, 1902 issue of "Work" come plans for a portable workbench. This is a clever design, but fairly common for the period. The bench is held together with wedges and can be disassembled for transport. In typical "Work" format the plans and instructions are straightforward and emiently buildable.
It's that time of year and from the January 3rd, 1902 issue of "Work" we have plans for a tobaggan. This isn't a simple project but it is a very cool one and with a sled like that your child will be the hippest kid in town. Just remember that in 1902 safety wasn't a primary issue.
Here is a concise design for a purfling cutter from the November 22, 1902 issue of "Work". Purfling cutters are primarily used by luthiers to cut small grooves for inlaying stringing. With a change of blade you can use the same plan to make a scratch beader.
Isometric paper. We added a couple of pages of isometric paper to the catalog because the stuff is such a handy drawing and visualization aid. The catalog only has one sheet. For an explanation of how to use the paper, and PDFs for printing as many sheets of it as you want click here.