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Isometric graph paper

Isometric Drafting Paper

Sketching out an idea is the first manifestation of any design. Using graph paper when sketching is a great aid for drawing in proportion and scale. Here are downloads for isometric graph paper which will allow you to easily and quickly draft objects in 3D and keep everything regular and looking good, just like you would do with normal graph paper only in 3D. You will also find that once you have a rough 3D drawing on paper it is a lot easier to put your idea into your electronic drafting tools.

Using Isometric Graph Paper

The way you use isometric paper is simple. It's just like regular graph paper only the boxes are angled so you automatically end up drawing in 3D. Draw your vertical lines the way you would normally do and then draw your faces and depth on the angled lines. You count boxes to keep square just like you would do on regular graph paper but here you get instant 3D.

Feel free to download and print as many copies of our isometric paper as you want for your personal use. The PDF contains two sheets, one vertically and one horizontally oriented.

note: you can download and print the paper to some scale but in general the best way to do it is to pick an arbitrary unit for example: 1 block = 2" and just count boxes. When you later go on to really draw the item out just count boxes again.