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Professional Splinter Removal Kit

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 Splinter Removal Kit in Black Box ($22.95) In Stock
Recently I found myself extracting a tiny glass splinter from my wife's foot with dull Swiss army knife set of tweezers and a needle borrowed from her sewing kit. The splinter was so small, I couldn't even see it until I realized I had a headset magnifier in the shop that I use when sharpening saws. With the headset I was at least able to see the tiny splinter, but my primitive tool made the splinter extraction an unnecessarily laborious and painful half an hour of work. I got the splinter out - but just. I know the value of having the right tool for the task, so the next day I moseyed on over to my local medical supply shop and asked for a decent set of tweezers for extracting splinters. The shop said, first of all, they are called "forceps," and second, we have a kit that doctors and EMS people use for this exact purpose.

The tweezers, excuse me forceps, have a tiny tip, and you can grip down easily and securely. Instead of a flexible pin or sewing needle, the kit comes with a real tool, a triangular steel probe, with a sturdy handle that won't flex at the wrong moment. The probe unscrews and stores safely in the handle.

I keep my set in the medicine chest, so next time I get a splinter, there won't be a mad dash to find a needle and tweezers. I also won't have to mangle my fingers getting the splinter out. The forceps and probe are shipped in a small cardboard presentation box.

"The kit contains professional medical-grade tools for this very job: a beautiful set of tweezers - or, forceps, as the professionals call them - and a sturdy, sharp, steel probe that stores in its own handle. These two small additions have been a major upgrade to my tool kit. The forceps have small, pointy tips and are grooved for extra grip. Unlike a needle, which can bend, the probe is rigid as well as sharp, making those particularly hard to remove splinters more accessible. These tools definitely make extraction easier." - Adam Godet, Fine Woodworking magazine, NOV/DEC 2021 Issue
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An important tool!
By: Matt Kestenbaum (Feb, 2024)
I’m ve bought lots of tools over the years from TFWW…many are counted for their efficiency (Grammercy rasps, Festool stuff), and some for sheer novelty (Marples turn screws). But, if you’ve got a tiny sliver of wood lodged under your skin (especially in a sensitive-yet callused finger), this is tool set you want. I have a couple of forceps, hemastats and even a sewing needle in my shop medical kit. But when the splinter is tiny this probe and forceps are so much better than the rest. The length and weight, knurling and protected tip of the probe makes precise and easy to control. And the forceps are nearly as sharp and have just the right amount of spring force. Nothing makes digging around in you own flesh pleasant…but quick and precise is all I could ask. I liked my set so much I’ve bought a few to give as gifts.
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Only one downside
By: Justus (Oct, 2019)
These tweezers are phenomenal. I worked in shop that had a set of these for a couple years, and I never realized how special these tweezers were until I had to go back to using splinter out and crappy dollar store tweezers. The only downside is once your coworkers see you using them they are going to ask to use them every time they have a splinter.
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