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  • Woodturning Tools by Ashley Iles

    Ashley Iles turning tools are some of the heaviest currently made. We think you will enjoy their heft, feel and finish. These tools are all made of High Speed Steel (HSS), which can stand up to the abrasion and heat of woodturning, especially on a modern powered lathe, far better than carbon steel. HSS's edge retention is markedly better - some say up to 10 times better. Its resistance to heat reduces the danger of accidentally drawing the temper when grinding. High Speed Steel, as its name promises, allows the work to be run very fast without the steel losing its edge. The company also makes a complete line in carbon steel which we will stock by special request.

    All the tools we currently stock are sold handled. We know tons of turners love to make their own handles, but the actual cost of a handled tool is only slightly more and it means you can start using them right away. You can of course still change the handle and as we grow the department, we will include unhandled tools as well. Tony Iles hand finishes each and every turning tool himself and is proud that every tool is shipped with its surfaces ground and edges broken. These are tools that will feel wonderful in the hand, with a heft that makes them feel very solid - a real aid in turning. All the tools are shipped sharp and ready to use, although now we fully expect many of you to customize the grinds to your particular working methods.

    For more information on Ashley Iles - tools in the old tradition, Click here. All Ashley Iles Tools are made in England.