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Larger Sized Hand Cut Riffler Rasp Set

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This set of three hand cut riffler rasps are fairly large (9") and nicely aggressive. They are the perfect set of rifflers for larger operation such as sculpting furniture details.

The set of three do a great job at a great price. The tools are all about 14 tpi and 9" long. The rasp heads are all 2 1/2" long.

Each riffler is doubled ended and the ends are traditional pairs designed to complement each other. The theory is that as you are working there is an excellent chance you will want to flip the tool around in your hand instantly to the complementary shape at the other end of the riffler, rather than need to put down and pick up a different tool.

This set of three rifflers offers six different shapes.

In order for a rasp to cut smoothly and easily, its teeth all have to be at the same height and spaced regularly but slightly randomly, so that each tooth contacting the wood cuts in a slightly different spot. Making a riffler rasp requires skill and lots of training to do it right. Gramercy Tools hand-cut rifflers are made to our specs in Pakistan (which has a long tradition of fine metalwork).
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