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  • Brusso Hardware

    Brusso furniture hardware is just about the most elegant you'll find anywhere. The entire line has traditional styling, easy installation, and high luster - just the features most cabinets seek in their hardware. The company was founded by Larry Brusso, a custom cabinet and furniture maker who didn't like the hardware he saw on the market. Brusso hardware is precision-machined from solid brass stock (with high copper content for extra luster) and uses only premium materials, such as stainless steel hinge pins, balls and springs. Many people have called the Brusso line "furniture jewelry" because it can accent the beauty of your furniture like a well-chosen accessory.

    We carry the entire line of Brusso furniture hardware, which includes hinges, knobs, latches, handle pulls, ball catches, shelf pins and sleeves, feet, hooks and brackets. We offer a 10% discount when you purchase any four or more packages of Brusso hardware.