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  • Scrapers and Burnishers

    For generations cabinet scrapers have been the magic tool of woodworking. A sharp scraper will produce shavings much like a plane and can shave in an extremely localized area. Cabinet scrapers are finishing tools and are used primarily to smooth small areas of a panel. While some people love to scrape whole panels their biggest use in scraping small areas. A small dip in the wood that cannot be reached by even the smallest plane could be sanded out. But a seconds scraping with a cabinet scraper will smooth the area and save hours of sanding. The cutting edge of a cabinet scraper is formed by rolling the edge or the scraper over to form an almost microscopic hook. Sharpening a scraper is one of those things that can seem extremely difficult until you learn how. Then it's second nature. Here is a link to a site that offers instruction: Scraper Instructions
    We carry a wide variety of burnishers for sharpening scrapers as well as a very nice glue scraper which I find indispensable.