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Modern Edge Tools

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Once a year, Tools For Working Wood fires up the press with a mind toward printing something fun and special for the holidays as a way saying thank you to our customers.

It's that time again, and we're proud to unveil Modern Edge Tools! It's our humble attempt at being educational, viewed through the enthusiastic and sometimes absurd lens of early 1950s popular magazine design. To download M.E.T. right now, click on the yellow box to your left. Otherwise, feel free to peruse the companion material we've arranged. There are exclusive videos of famous toolmakers, carving templates to get you started, even some mortising wisdom from the 17th century.

We certainly enjoyed working on this, and it's our sincere hope that there's something in M.E.T. for everybody. That said, this year we wanted to print something that would be the most help for those just starting out. This, of course, puts the pressure on the experienced woodworkers among you to pass the information along. We at TFWW think that's a fine thing.

Thanks to everyone who contributed to Modern Edge Tools, and a special thank you to all of our customers. We couldn't do this sort of thing without your support. -TIM

Further Information

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