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Tried & True Danish Oil

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  Tried & True
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Tried & True finishes have simple, all-natural, high-performing, renewable ingredients with zero solvents, zero metallic driers, and zero VOC! The system is based upon polymerized linseed oil that protects wood while simultaneously remaining safe for people, plants and pets. Tried & True leaves a satin finish that is both protective and elegant.

But perhaps these reasons give short shrift to some of the appeal for many woodworkers. They love that Tried & True uses 18th century time-tested techniques. They also love the honeyed consistency that makes enjoy not only the Tried & True product, but also the process involved.

Tried & True Danish Oil is made from highly polymerized linseed oil. (Plants and seeds rule at T&T!) It builds durability and sheen with each application. You can attain a high polish and warm, rich tone with Tried & True Danish oil. Use it on interior joinery - furniture, cabinets, paneling, etc. - as well as wooden toys, butcher blocks, spoons, salad bowls and other surfaces that come into contact with food. Use it on bare wood or to overtop an already stained piece. Danish Oil will darken wood slightly -- an effect you can also heighten with the addition of oil-soluble pigments. It offers superior abrasion and scratch resistance and really enhances the wood’s appearance. For extra protection against liquids, top off with Tried & True Original.

The line’s founder was fond of saying, “If you’re using any, you’re using enough.” Very small amounts, applied in thin coats, will build up to a great finish very economically. The absence of added solvents translates into a better coverage rate than standard finishes. Tried & True recommends using a rag rather than a brush for all of its finishes so that you could limit quantities during the application process.

Available in pint and quart containers. Food and skin contact safe. Made in the USA.

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