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Workshop Wound Care

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by Jeffery Hill

The workshop is where you cut, hammer and burn things - sometimes, unfortunately, your own flesh. Workshop Wound Care is a pocket-sized field guide that dispenses guidance about what to do when you are faced with common workshop injuries.

Dr. Jeffery Hill, an avid woodworker and ER doc, knows what you need to know in a hurry - everything from puncture wounds to stuff flying into your eyeball to the full gamut of lacerations. You’ll learn what to have on hand for an actually functional first aid kit; how to assess the seriousness of an injury; how to stop bleeding; how to dress wounds so they heal faster; why you should stop reading this and go get a tetanus booster shot asap; and many other helpful and related topics.

Think of this book as one more tool that helps you work more efficiently and satisfyingly. The book uses the same tidy, compact size and attention-getting design as Sharpen This, and its blood red cover will help you locate the book in times of emergency.

Hardcover. 4" x 6.5". 175 pages. Illustrated with photos and sketches (none gory).

The illustrations and photographs are very good. The advice given is practical and clear. I would recommend that all of you woodworking enthusiasts read and re-read this little book. Your future health and well-being may depend on it!
- David Honey, Quercus Magazine

Pages: 175
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press
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