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Preppin' Weapon Sanding Block

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We sell piles of our traditional cork sanding blocks They are inexpensive and have a nice cushioning effect so that the sandpaper follows minor deviations in the wood. However, you have to always grip the sandpaper by hand, which gets pretty tiring. These clever sanding blocks are very popular in the auto-body industry (where the name comes from) and we think they also offer a lot of great features for woodworkers.

The Preppin’ Weapon will hold a quarter sheet of sandpaper securely, and changing the paper is as easy as moving a lever back and forth. You can even clamp multiple sheets at once and just tear off sheets as the sandpaper wears. It’s a lot less fatiguing not to have to grip the sanding block all the time. There is no need to use adhesive backed sandpaper anymore. The body is made of high impact ABS plastic, which renders it smooth and hard to break and there is a hard pad on the bottom with just the right amount of give. The mechanism is all stainless steel mechanism inside and polished stainless steel clips and levers on the outside - nothing will rust or injure you or your work surface. The clips themselves require little sandpaper area for attachment, so you end up wasting a lot less sandpaper than you would with an ordinary block. The block holds single or multiple sheets of sandpaper equally tightly, and saves you time by stacking up to four sheets and tearing away one by one. Sized to fit a 1/4 sheet of plain-backed 9" x 11" sandpaper or a 2 3/4" wide sandpaper strip.

You can have a choice of five colors (red, blue, green, yellow and purple), so that you can use a different color block for up to five different grits of sandpaper. Made in USA.
"Well-designed...very comfortable...useful and convenient - these sanding blocks belong in any shop." - - American Woodworker
Customer Reviews:
There is no equal
By: Meryl Logue (Jun, 2021)
I am now ordering my third. These have no equal. I’ve been restoring a 1911 house after work for 11 years now. Soooo much paint stripping! These work so well at preserving the profile of all the Craftsman mouldings compared to everything else I have tried. I use Norton paper, and it’s an unbeatable combination. The hard plastic ensures no flex. The rubber bed allows a slight bit of conformity in imperfections. The grippers actually pull the paper tight if you insert it well. I load the green one with 60, the red one with 80, and this purple will be 120.
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