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Saw Blade Guard - 5 Feet long

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All the Gramercy Tools saws come with a blade guard to protect the saw teeth in storage, transit, and other situations. This is a flexible channel that snaps onto the blade. We have gotten a lot of requests for the blade guard without a saw because a lot of people have lots of other saws that they want to put away safely. It also works for scrapers and other flat edges that need protection. We find the stuff extremely handy here. Sold in five foot lengths. (tools not included)

Note: The photo shows the old clear guard. The new guard is Safety Yellow.

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works well for all handsaws
By: Louis Lampe (May, 2024)
I received the new yellow kind. Yes it is slightly tighter going on but itt holds better than what came with some of my Japanese saws (.012 blades) with some left over that I tried on a .040¨ western saw blade.It worked there too. Due to its grippiness I am confident it will stay on even the thinnest blade.
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Blade guards
By: Hiram Lyon (Nov, 2020)
Just got these and they go on the thinner tendon and dovetail saw but really are too tight to go on longer panel saws. I ran my thumbnail now the grove and it did open it up so that i could get it on my crosscut saw but it did split a few inches so be careful
I own this product.
By: James Serles (Feb, 2020)
This design works adequately for relatively short saws with a sawplate thickness of .015-.032 near the tooth line, but I have two vintage Disston saws, 26 and 28" lg, with a sawplate thickness of .040 (not counting the toothset). I can slide these guards on, but only with great difficulty.
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Does the job
By: Kevin (Nov, 2018)
Initially difficult to install, but grabbed some blade wax and the guard slides right on.
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Better than sliced bread!
By: Jeff Polaski (Apr, 2016)
Got ten feet of this and as far as saw blade guards go, it's the best things since canned beer. So, I'm ordering more. It would be nice but not necessary if it came in an easily findable color (like air-sea rescue orange). It just isn't as if I keep the tidiest of shops, even as small as it is.
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Works well for many blades, but...
By: Thomas (Jan, 2016)
Long rolls make it convenient to trim for even longest saw blades. Works as expected for many blades, but for longer blades with very fine tooth spacing, it is difficult to install due to tendency of material to retain some lateral curve. The soft plastic catches on the teeth, hindering installation of the guard. For such blades, I find stiff plastic guards are much easier to use.
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Handsaw blade guards
By: Jack Collins (Sep, 2015)
I've been looking for bulk quantities like this for some time. Many are available for individual blades, but this is what I've been looking for. Could you tell me the height of the material by chance?

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