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Liberon Liming Wax

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
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 Liming wax - 250 ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Liming wax - 500 ml ($68.60) In Stock
A limed finish is similar to a pickled or whitewashed finish. The basic concept is to fill the pores of an open-grained wood such as oak with wax, and then wipe away the excess so the grain of the wood stands out. The effects are especially visible on hard woods like oak and mahogany. Light woods and close-grained woods - pine, for example, is both

You can use the wood bare for a subtle approach, or stain the wood for a dramatic effect. Top off with Black Bison Wax Polish and buff to a soft sheen, or use a few coats of Liberon Finishing Oil for a water resistant finish.

Liming brush for opening the wood's pores sold separately. Made in England.

Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).
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