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Liberon Wax Polish Black Bison Paste

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
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 Neutral - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Clear - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Antique pine - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Dark oak - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Georgian mahogany - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Golden pine - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Medium oak - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Medium mahogany - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Stripped pine - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Teak - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Tudor oak - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
 Walnut - 500ml ($38.50) In Stock
Liberon Wax Polish Black Bison Paste is one of the best waxes on the market today. It's soft and easy to apply, yet polishes up to a fine hard finish.

The wax can be used on all types of wood, both antique and modern, and will protect the wood from excessive drying. Its non-greasy texture makes it easy to buff and resistant to finger marks and smearing. Comes in a wide range of colors, from neutral and light pine through dark oaks and mahogany. For a very large color chart with samples of all the wax colors applied to bird's-eye maple, click hereBlack Bison Color Chart. The neutral wax has no coloring at all and is what you would use when you want no coloring to the wood at all. Clear wax has a very slight tint to it. These latter two waxes are usually used over other finishes to protect the wood and add a nice warm shine. You can of course also apply them on raw wood as the primary finish. The colored waxes are usually used over bare wood, as a primary finish to both protect and stain at the same time.

The paste wax contains a mineral spirit solvent to keep it pliable. As a matter of fact, one very nice feature of the wax is that you can keep the can open for long periods of time and not have to worry that the wax will get hard.

Toluene free. Not water-resistant. The 500 ml container will be fine for almost every application; for giant jobs, a 5 liter size is also available. Made in England. Note: Each can comes with a small hole punched in the lid, which helps ventilate the cans during transit. This is not a defect and will not cause leakage.
Domestic Ground shipment only (cannot be shipped by air).
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easy to use wax by for consumers
By: Christine Meijers (Aug, 2023)
Great wax which is simple to use. Gives back the colour to the wood and a beautiful shine.
I own this product.
By: Christopher Murray (Nov, 2017)
Don't have the product yet, but you made ordering clean and simple! Thanks
Liberon Black Bison Dark Oak Paste Wax
By: Tim (May, 2017)
Bought this from TFWW on a recommendation to use it instead of shoe polish to finish a medieval-style cabinet. The cabinet won't be exposed to a lot of wear and tear, so I'm just using the wax (no BLO or lacquer). It goes on very easily with extra-fine steel wool, cleans up pretty easily, and doesn't smell half bad. So far, so good; even with just one coat (on older red oak), it got the color as dark as I wanted (not too dark), shows off the grain, a little went a long way, and it polishes to a shiny (though matte) finish. I had done some inside parts (that I wanted lighter) with brown and tan shoe polish just to see, and it came out OK, but the Liberon areas look better (not as shiny), and they're on the outside. I'd definitely use it again.
I own this product.
Mixed feelings!
By: Greg (Jan, 2014)
I've been a fan of Liberon Black Bison paste wax for about 5 years. The "Yew" paste wax over 3 coats of linseed oil is a fantastic finish for cherry furniture. I've also used "neutral" over maple and pine with great results. However, I purchased the "tudor oak" to put on some mahogany projects, and it is absolutely nasty. It looks like the wood was dipped in fireplace soot. I know it's been recommended for mahogany...caveat emptor. 5 stars for Yew, zero stars for Tudor Oak!
I own this product.

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