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Real Milk Paint Soft Wax

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Real Milk Paint Co.
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4 Oz. Cans
 Clear - 4 oz. ($13.99) In Stock
 White - 4 oz. ($13.99) In Stock
 Gray - 4 oz. ($13.99) In Stock
 Dark Brown - 4 oz. ($13.99) In Stock
 Ebony - 4 oz. ($13.99) In Stock
16 Oz. Cans
 Clear - 16 oz. ($24.99) In Stock
 White - 16 oz. ($24.99) In Stock
 Gray - 16 oz. ($24.99) In Stock
 Dark Brown - 16 oz. ($24.99) In Stock
 Ebony - 16 oz. ($24.99) In Stock
Real Milk Paint’s Soft Wax is a soft wax that dries hard. Made primarily of beeswax with a little carnauba wax, Soft Wax provides a matte sheen to your work. You can use it to wax over Real Milk Paint and other paints. Great for creating patina where you want it.

Soft Wax is available in five colors: Clear, White, Gray, Dark Brown and Ebony. You can mix the waxes to make your own custom colors.

To use, apply the wax with a brush or rag and work into corners. Buff off excess with a clean rag. Remove wax with Citrus Solvent.

Available in two sizes, 4 oz. and 16 oz. Made in the USA.

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