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Liberon Bronze Liming Brush

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
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Liming is a process by which you fill the pores of wood with wax. A lot of the Art Deco finishes are done with this technique. It’s an easy way to get some really cool effects for your work. However, for the pores of the wood to be properly filled, they first need to be “opened." In the normal course of surface preparation, sanding not only fills the pores of the wood with dust, it slightly blurs the edges of the pore. The bristles of a liming brush are made of copper and are designed to clean out any sawdust impacted in the pores of the wood, and also brush away any edge fuzz. The result of this “opening" of the pores of the wood is that the filler can completely and distinctly fill the pores of the wood, for a much better finish. Made in England.
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