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Liberon Shellac Filler Sticks

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Liberon Finishing Supplies
Found in Departments: Shellac and French Polishing
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Code: LB-0260.XX
 Set of 10 in tin ($85.80) Sold Out
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 Medium - Set of 3 ($25.50) In Stock
 Light - Set of 3 ($25.50) In Stock
 Dark - Set of 3 ($25.50) In Stock
Liberon shellac filler sticks are specifically designed for repairing minor surface defects in the wood prior to applying French polish or varnish. The major difference between these sticks and wax sticks is that these sticks are hard and the repair is hard and more durable then wax. However in order to apply the Click here for a color sample shellac it needs to be melted a little (use a hot iron) in order to apply. You also may need to do some refinishing to level the surface. After the filler hardens, the excess should be trimmed with a sharp chisel. Click here for a color sample. In addition to a full set of 10 sticks three sets of three sticks each are also available.
  • The Dark set of three is marked with a dark rectangle on the sample page.
  • The Medium set of three is marked with a tan rectangle on the sample page.
  • The Light set of three is marked with a light rectangle on the sample page.
Note: Shellac sticks are brittle and are occasionally broken in transit. While we do our best to ensure the sticks remain whole, the breakage in no way interferes with the stick usage. In fact, on our sample page two sticks are broken.
Made in England.
For a copy of the safety data sheet (MSDS sheet) for this item - click here
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