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Paine's American Incense

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 Cedar - 50 cones and holder. 1/2" base 1 1/4" tall ($7.50) In Stock
Balsam Fir -24 2" sticks. with burner. ($5.50) Not available
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Light a stick of Paines All Natural Incense near anyone who considers themselves to be a saw-dust connoisseur, and they're sure to crack a smile. Why? Let me start at the beginning...

Paine's is based in Auburn Maine, where they have been manufacturing 100 percent natural incense since 1931. Their process is simple: branches and boughs are brought in by local woodsmen. The branches are dried and ground, before being pressed into molds... and that's it!! No chemicals, no filler, just pure sweet-smellin-sawdust, sustainably harvested, and processed entirely in the United States.

Scent doesn't naturally avail itself to written description, but it does have an uncanny ability to tell stories; Nearly everyone that smells our new Paine's Incense begins their subsequent ramble the same way:

"MMM! that reminds me of..."

Although we have yet to reach a general consensus Ben says the Balsam Fir reminds him of camping with his father. Ever the Eagle Scout, Tim reports that the Cedar reminds him of a boyhood pocket-money scheme, in which he built camping themed incense holders, complete with hobby scale tents, and fake grass. Joel, the sensible urbanite, is of the opinion that Paine's smells woodsy and workshopy, and has inexplicably developed a craving for hot pancakes and cider.

Made in the USA.

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