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Real Wood Filler

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Real Milk Paint Co.
Found in Departments: Finish Restoration, Repair, and Touch-up
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by TFO

Real Wood Filler fills in holes, cracks, dents, defects, etc. in wood. Spread it evenly into the crack or hole, let it dry and sand it smooth. As the maker says, “It acts like wood because it is wood!” -- specifically, it’s finely ground firwood formulated with resins into a putty.

Once it is set, the Real Wood filled wood can be sawed, drilled, sanded, planed, and nailed - just like ordinary wood. It can be spread evenly into cracks and holes without crumbling or cracking. It dries hard with little or no shrinkage.

You can use Real Wood Filler as is on light colored woods, or dye it a custom color to match. It readily accepts dry paint powder, stains, pigment powders and paints that you mix up prior to using as filler. (Works great with Real Milk Paint and with the Lockwood Oil-Based and Alcohol-Based dyes.) There is enough solvent in the formula so that you don’t probably need to add any additional solvent - just mix the paint into the putty on a little tray to the desired color. Tip: you will want a fill that is slightly darker than the wood for best results.

The can comves with the label upside down -- storing it this way helps protect the shelf life of the contents. If you want to refresh some Wood Filler that looks a bit dried out or if you want to thin its consistency, add a small amount of acetone to the putty.

Note: because of its contents, Real Wood Filler is extremely flammable. Use only in a well ventilated area. Avoid contact with eyes and prolonged contact with skin. Use a good wood sealer before staining. Always test in an inconspicuous area or on scrap before using Wood Filler on your project.

Available in 8 oz and 16 oz cans. Made in the USA.

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