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3M Micro Abrasive Film for Scary Sharpening - PSA

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 Classic Sequence Set of 2 sheets each of 15, 5, and .3 micron PSA film (6 sheets total) ($28.95) In Stock
 5 Sheets .3 Aluminum Oxide - PSA ($19.95) In Stock
 5 Sheets 1 Aluminum Oxide - PSA ($19.95) In Stock
 5 Sheets 5 Silicon Carbide - PSA ($19.95) In Stock
 5 Sheets 15 Silicon Carbide - PSA ($24.95) In Stock
 5 Sheets 40 Silicon Carbide - PSA ($24.95) In Stock
 Sample Pack - 1 sheet of each (5 sheets total) ($26.95) In Stock
 10 Sheets .3 Aluminum Oxide - PSA ($37.91) In Stock
 10 Sheets 1 Aluminum Oxide - PSA ($37.91) In Stock
 10 Sheets 5 Silicon Carbide - PSA ($37.91) In Stock
 10 Sheets 15 Silicon Carbide - PSA ($45.91) In Stock
 10 Sheets 40 Silicon Carbide - PSA ($45.91) In Stock
 Sample Pack - 2 sheet of each (10 sheets total) ($51.21) In Stock
We stock all the recommended grits of PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesive) abrasive lapping film for "Scary Sharpening" (For a brief overview of our selection of abrasive lapping films, please click here.)

PSA-backed abrasive paper is extremely simple to use. You just peel off the paper backing and press it down on the substrate. It minimizes waste and is easier to handle that other types of adhesive sheets. Most users have found that the PSA material is flatter, and because the adhesive is applied evenly, more of the abrasive sheet is used so it cuts faster. It is also a lot easier to handle when you want to make your own specially shaped abrasive sticks - for example, for sharpening curved tools.

A good sequence of sharpening is 15 micron (similar to a 1200 grit waterstone), followed by 5 (similar to a 5000 grit waterstone), followed by either the 1 and/or the .3 Micron Aluminum Oxide (similar to an 6000 or 12000 grit waterstone respectively).

We use the 40 micron size (similar to a 400 grit waterstone) for really rough blade shaping and doing the backs of old blades when we first get them.

We offer the grits individually or in sets - the selection of the 15, 5, and .3 grits mentioned above or a kit with all 5 grits.

The 40 and 15 micron sheets are marked. 5 micron film is gray with no markings, 1 micron is lime green, .3 micron is white. 8 1/2" x 11" sheets.

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By: F D Hinegardner (Feb, 2021)
Very nice selection
By: jim classen (Feb, 2018)
This is the nicest lapping film that i have used to date so far it does what they say it will it has put a edge on my fillet knives as good or even better then my stones the edge was hair popping well worth the money i put into it the polishing Edge Woods beautiful and sharper than my razors in fact I even sharpened my razors for my model building I need not buy razors anymore I can just repair these until i no longer can repair them
I own this product.
By: Don (Nov, 2016)
I bought the Kit of 2 sheets each of 15,5, and .3 micron PSA film (6 sheets total). Cut off one third of each sheet and place on granite to sharpen hand plane blades with a little oil. Does a Fantastic job and much easier/quicker and less mess than waterstones. NO CEANUP to bother with.
I own this product.
Mirror edge's all around!
By: Dan (Jul, 2016)
I've just tried the grey, yellow and white on 4 of my pocket knife's and they now have a mirror edge, cut through paper like butter and cut hair with ease. Would recommend applying the sheets to granet or flat plain glass for best results. They easily did this to d2, vg10, s30v and s35vn super steels. This was after sharpening on a 1200 grit diamond stone. Had I not had the diamond stone I'm sure the 40micron and 15micron 3M sheets would have done as well, but I have not tried them yet.
I own this product.
woow ... be careful!
By: Dietrich (Dec, 2015)
I've been frustrated with my apparent lack of sharpening skills for some time now. Ordered the 1 and 5 micron sheets and added one to the end of the line of grits. I use them on a piece of granite. And, probably because I wasn't careful enough with surface preparation, on the first attempt, cut that sheet right in half. Use it slowly and be careful with the resulting iron - my next stop was the box of band aids ;-)
I own this product.
sharpening by hand
By: greg (Oct, 2015)
purchased kit of 2 sheets each / 15 micron , 5 micron , and .3 micron psa film , just used the 15 and 5 films , got an unbelieveable mirror polish (used a little soapy water)
I own this product.
By: Terry Leonard (Jan, 2015)
I have been using the PSA product for a couple of years now. My substrate is 10mm Lexan. I won't sharpen fine tools and good knives any other way. I'm often asked to sharpen knives for tradies when they see how sharp my knife is.
I own this product.
Great Sharpening Media!
By: Dave W. (Nov, 2013)
This material is great for honing and polishing your edge tools. The PSA backing is definitely the way to go too. I never had any luck with the water/capillary adhesion method... and I HATE spraying adhesive on the back of non PSA sheets. If you compare prices you will find that TFWW's price per square inch is the best on the internet. Their prices are also better than any of the stores in the suburban WDC area. I cut the sheets into strips that will fit my widest plane iron and stick them to a machinist's reference plate. When I first started woodworking I honed and polished with these sheets and a honing guide. A year or so later I "graduated" to freehand sharpening on oil stones. After a year of that I have returned to honing film and a guide because I like the results better. Go figure(?)!
I own this product.I am the manufacturer of this product.
3M Micro Abrasive Film
By: Mike (Feb, 2013)
I use the 3M Micro Abrasive Film 40 and 15, cut into 2 inch strips and laid flat on a piece of leftover quartz counter-top with a tiny bit of water. I carve leather, the blades are often dulled quickly, a few quick pass's over the strips to touch up the edge and your good to go. 3M Micro Abrasive Film makes it fast and easy to maintain that skin splitting edge. You will be amazed how many things you can use this for.
I own this product.

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