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Norton Wide Oilstones

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Norton Sharpening Stones and Wheels
Found in Departments: Arkansas and other Oilstones
  Norton Sharpening Stones and Wheels
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 Soft Arkansas ($41.35) In Stock
 Fine India ($26.95) Sold Out
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 Medium India ($26.95) In Stock
 Coarse India ($26.95) In Stock
 Fine Crystolon ($18.95) Sold Out
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 Medium Crystolon ($18.95) In Stock
 Coarse Crystolon ($18.95) Sold Out
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While we typically recommend a hard-translucent Arkansas stone for the finest edge, faster cutting artificial stones are great for quick metal removal. Soft Arkansas stones produce a good but not super fine edge and are appreciated because of their speed of cutting.

The medium India stone is a great all around middle grit stone. India stones stay flat a long time, but cut slower than the softer Crystolon stones which wear fast.

All of these stones are 8" × 3" × 1⁄2" and come packed in plastic cases with a lid that pops off for sharpening. The case has non-slip rubber feet so that you can sharpen with the stone right in the case. The cases stack, too.
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By: Steve Melamed (Aug, 2016)
I've been using these stones for a year now. Combined with a strop and good technique, they are quite easy to use. They seem to cut better than I remember my Dad's old oil stones did, but maybe I just know what I'm doing these days... In general, I've moved to them from my Japanese water stones - for the most part because I don't have running water in my shop, and these leave behind much less of a mess and are very good at honing with mimal mess and maintenance. When I do want to do more work, I head over to my diamond stones (also less mess and maintenance) and then finish on a hard-translucent. I own a hard translucent and a medium India. I'd say I use the hard translucent 10-1 over the India stone, mostly because of my diamond stones, which cut much better. I bought a diamond lapping plate especially for the translucent, and don't have to use it much - but for some applications it's nice to have a perfectly flat stone. In the end I'm giving it 4 stars because you need to strop, the India stone isn't very useful compared to diamond stones, and no stone is perfect. However I like the translucent stone a lot, it has a big working area, is easy to maintain, and keeps my tools away from the rusting effects of water.
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Very pleased
By: Steve D (Apr, 2016)
I bought these to complement my diamond and water stones. My coarse diamond has lost its "bite" and waterstones are more delicate than I am always willing to tolerate. Tonight I flattened a large chisel and redid the bevel on the coarse and medium stones. Got the burr to a minimum then went to the strop. Was able to take clean end grain shavings off pine and douglas fir. I am very impresses with these stones. Not sure I will bother with the hard arkansas now.
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excellent oil stones
By: JC (Oct, 2014)
These stones are excellent. Excellent quality at an excellent value. They are definitely superior to previous oilstones I have used, and the 3" width is incredibly useful for sharpening plane irons.
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