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Skroo-zon File Handles

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Code: EE-FH-297.XX
 For 4" Files (#2) ($3.95) In Stock
 For 5" Regular Files and most saw Files -(not 7" slim or needle files) (#3) ($3.95) In Stock
 For 6" Files and 7" slim saw file (#4) ($3.95) In Stock
 For 8" Files (#5) ($4.45) In Stock
 For 10" Files (#6) ($4.45) In Stock
 For 12" Files (#7) ($9.95) In Stock
 For 14" Files (#8) ($9.95) In Stock
You should always use a file or rasp with a handle. Not only will you prevent injury you will make it possible to use the tool properly for its entire length. These handles are made of waxed white birch with an embedded hardened steel nut tightly that holds the tang of your file or rasp in two places.

The size suggestions are for mill files only. Saw files have smaller tangs and therefore do not correspond with the usual handle size recommendations. Nearly all of our saw files use a #3 Skroo-zon handle, the 7" slim uses a #4. Needles files do not fit these handles and use a plastic handle made by Corradi called "Handle for Needle Files and Other Small Shafted Items" linked below.

Sizes and approximate dimensions:
#1 - 4/32" wide
#2 - 1/8" with a depth of approximately 1 3/4"
#3 - 7/32" wide internally with a depth of approximately ​2 3/8"
​#4 - 9/32" wide internally with a depth of approximately ​2 3/8"
#5 - 5/16 wide internally with a depth of approximately 2 6/8"
#6 - 3/8" wide internally with a depth of approximately ​2 6/8"
#7 - 14/32" wide internally with a depth of approximately 3 1/4"
#8 - 14 /32" wide internally with a depth of approximately ​3 1/4"
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Tool user auto/heavy diesel-machinery mechanic/machinist/woodworker/inventor/draftsman
By: Ben (Apr, 2022)
My Grandparents owned a sewing machine repair shop. Grandpa worked for Weyerhaeuser in Klamath Falls in the 1930s and 40s before and after WWII. Grandpa became a drafting engineer with a Caterpillar heavy Equipment Dealer. He had and used a No. 5 Skroo-zon handle, which I grew up with and have to this day (2022) I am 52 yo. I bought and added to my collection. These handles are top shelf, bee's knees, excelsior, the best. These skroo-zon with the hardened threaded die inserts are superior to plain wood file handles that work loose with time. These are the best file handles bar none... only Brazilian Rosewood could possibly make these handles any better than they are. Unlike plain wood, let alone plastic, the Skroo-zon line bite the file's tang like a pitbull. I've never had a problem with any of mine, including Grandpa's old No. 5 that I use to this day. No. 4, 5 and 7 are extremely versatile and highly recommended as a starter set. They will handle most commonly used file sizes 6-10" just fine. But by all means, consider all the sizes and maybe spares for same size but different types of files.
I own this product.
By: Gary Coyne (May, 2018)
You can't beat these for their price, their versatility, and how well they work. Like the name says, you just skrooz them onto the tank on your file and then use the file. If you're tired of scratching the h@ll out of the inside of your hand from the file's tang, treat yourself: get these!
I own this product.

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