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Zona Fine Kerf Universal Razor Saw

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The Zona Fine Kerf Universal Razor Saw provides a great introduction to dovetailing and other fine joinery. You’ll be able to cut dense woods and just about any other material with ease. Cuts nice and precisely on the pull stroke.

24 TPI rip tooth blade, very little set. 0.01" fine kerf. 1 3/16" depth of cut. Stained hardwood handle. Length: 6 ½”. Made in USA.

“All I know is that they can take away my Zona Razor Saw from my cold, dead hands. Or they can take it when it’s kinked - whichever comes first.The Zona Razor Saw is a marvel of modern manufacturing. Made in the USA for the price of 2.5 chai lattes, it’s a 24 tpi backsaw with a .01”-thick sawplate that cuts on the pull stroke. I use this saw for almost everything. Rips. Crosscuts. Miters. Whatever. The magic of the saw is not in the fact that it’s filed for a rip cut, but that it has 24 tpi. Once you get to teeth that small, it really doesn’t matter so much how they are filed. This saw leaves glass-smooth surfaces when it rips and crosscuts. It tracks beautifully. It is comfortable and balanced…If you haven’t tried the Zona Razor Saw, I highly recommend you get one for your tool kit.”
-Chris Schwarz, Lost Art Press Blog
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