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Gramercy Tools 12" Bow Saw Blades

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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10 TPI -  2 blades alt="10 TPI -  2 blades"cancel 10 TPI - 2 blades ($9.95) In Stock
16 TPI - 2 blades alt="16 TPI - 2 blades"cancel 16 TPI - 2 blades ($9.95) In Stock
24 TPI -  2 blades alt="24 TPI -  2 blades"cancel 24 TPI - 2 blades ($9.95) In Stock
Set of 1 each of all three blades alt="Set of 1 each of all three blades"cancel Set of 1 each of all three blades ($13.95) In Stock
For years we had been asked where to get good bow saw blades. We didn't have an answer, so we decided to set about having them made to our specification. The resulting blades provide a long stroke, tight turning radius and a range of thee tooth patterns that are ideal for wasting dovetails, sculptural roughing, or intricate pierced work. For explanation purposes, think of these as, very long coping saw blades. That is to say, really narrow blades of about 1/8" width that are 12" long with installed cross-pins that hook into a saw frame just like a coping saw.

These are the same blades we use in our award winning Gramercy Tools Bow Saw. The long stroke of the 12" blade cuts fast, and smooth. The cross-pins at the ends of the blade make blade changes easy and are great for getting a blade into pierced work. Because of the narrow height of the blade, these blades want to turn. This makes them ideal for wasting dovetails, where the a quick transition from saw-kerf to scribe-line is desirable, or when sawing curved features. They are not a good choice for long straight cuts.

We offer pairs of blades in three tooth patterns, or as a three pack containing one of each.

For thicker stock go with the 10tpi - it cuts fast and fairly smooth. Armed with a 10 TPI blade in our Gramercy Tools Bow Saw we have successfully sawn 3+ inch thick oak with reasonable precision and a turning radius of about 1/2". On thinner stock these blades can be made to cut features with a radius of 3/16" or less. Use these blades when speed of cut is important, and slight tear-out is not an issue.

For general work 16 TPI is best. These blades cut smoothly, and with reasonable speed. Used on stock between 1 1/2" and 1/2" thick, a reasonably skilled sawyer can expect accuracy and a tight turning radius of 1/4" or less. In especially thin stock tighter radii of 1/8" or less are possible.

The 24 TPI blade usually is too fine for thicker stock - anything greater than 3/4" - but it leaves a smooth finish, and the slower rate of cut can translate to increased accuracy, especially on thin stock. If you prefer to waste your dovetails right down to the line, this is the blade you want. With a full, long saw stroke, intricate, tight turns with a radius of less than 1/8" are quite possible.

Tip: When performing delicate work, or sawing a very tight curve, there is a tendency to shorten your saw stroke. Try, instead to use a full stroke, even sawing in place, as you turn tight corners. Since the blade is fastened at its ends, the longer stroke will convey your angle of cut to the wood more completely rather than letting the thin blade twist up in the middle. This will help you cut faster and more accurately. Don't forget to keep your index finger forward.

For Gramercy Tools Bow Saw Kits, or for complete Gramercy Tools Bow Saws follow the accessory links below. Design documents, plans, and general instructions for the kits can be found here.

Gramercy Bow Saw Blades are Made in USA.

Note: When we say "bow saw" we mean it in the English and American traditional sense - a small frame saw with a narrow blade for curves, piercing, and other intricate work. Another term commonly used is "turning saw."
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Old guy
By: Ed Landry (Jun, 2022)
Bought your kit and built my own saw which came out great. Your pieces were machined to exact tolerances. Great to get what you paid for at a reasonable cost.
By: Segun Augustine (Apr, 2022)
I want to use it for work
I own this product.
By: Greg Volkland (Oct, 2021)
I bought the kit with your plans the blades and blade holder and have enjoyed using it a great deal. I do wish that on your coarse blare you would go to the next size pins as I have sheared the pins a couple of time before I put in larger ones. I also wish the course blade came in a 1/4” and maybe a 3/8” or 1/2” size also. Don’t get me wrong I so enjoy my saw, made one for my son and my sister.
I own this product.
Trouble with pins on blade
By: Tim Corcoran (Jul, 2020)
I built the bow saw kit in white oak, and I like how this works generally, but twice while sawing I’ve had the saw suddenly collapse into a heap of parts, inspection shows a pin missing from one end of the saw blade. I am careful to try not to overtension the blade (I pluck the blade with each turn, once it doesn’t sound dead but rather musical, I stop). Replacing the pin is quite difficult, it’s 3/64” diameter, hard to find.
I own this product.
By: Dennis Mills (Jan, 2019)
I bought the pins and blades and have made two saws using your design and prints. I think the combination of the thin frame and these blades make a fantastic saw. I had a slight learning curve using the longer saw, but that is behind me. The additional length makes it easier to determine if you are cutting perpendicular to your stock. I'm in the process of building two tool chests for my sons (Lost Art Press version), and this saw makes cutting out the waste from the dovetails rapid and accurate. I've also used the first saw to make the frame of the second saw - much better than using my coping saw. This is a great product.
I own this product.
By: Terry Gleeson (May, 2018)
I have recently built a bowsaw frame and used Gramercy hardware & blades. As a cabinetmaker if forty years now teaching, I think this saw will be a useful addition too the workshops tool kit. It’s prime purpose will be for removing waste from dovetail & pin sockets. I think though that the addition of a 1/4” or 3/8” 16 TPI blade would make the saw an extreamly good saw for making the primary cuts on a dovetail joint accurately. In regards to the frame, with the use of a 5/16” or 3/8” boring bar on a lathe the cross bar could be bored out through its length to create a storage cavity for the blades not in use.
I own this product.
Turning saw
By: Richard monger (Nov, 2017)
I like (LOVEL the turning saw. I know this kind of work may be more efficient with power tools!!!, (but) hand tools as this provide a satisfaction not found in the modern (efficient) systems of today. Plus it provides an a efficiencies of time. The gift of time being the needless effort of setup of electric tools. Also the quiet of only hearing the quiet.
I own this product.I am the manufacturer of this product.
ameture woodworker
By: Richard Monger (Sep, 2014)
I built my own bow saw using your drawings and purchasing your blades, hardware and knobs. I LOVE IT!!! I'm building another using your blades and hardware. It will be a gift for my brother.I would like to use cherry or walnut. Is their a prob;em with either of those woods? Thank you for sharing your drawings with us.
I own this product.
By: Paul Singleton (Jun, 2014)
I built the Gramercy 12" bow saw and its such a delight to use that I am going to make another one! The first one was in Beech , maybe I will make the next in Ash just to compare. Thanks for the plans!
I own this product.

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