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Whiteside Ultimate Flush Trim Router Bits

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Whiteside Router Bits
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1/2" Shank Diameter
Dia.Cut. Lg.O'AllBearingWS Part
Template (Plunge Cutting)
7/8"1-1/8"3-7/16"B13#UDP9112 ($195.50) In Stock
Flush Trim
7/8"1-1/8"3-15/16"B21#UDFT9112 ($182.46) In Stock
Combo Trim
7/8"1-1/8"3-15/16"B13+B21#UDC9112 ($195.50) In Stock
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Whiteside's Ultimate Trim bits are aptly named. In the pursuit of ultimate performance, Whiteside borrowed cutter geometry developed for use on industrial CNC routers, and the results are impressive.

The large diameter of the Ultimate bits, adds rigidity, but more importantly gives a better angle of attack (and exit) for the cutting edges. The large diameter replaceable guide bearing provides rock solid registration, and rolls easily.

Cutter geometry was adapted from the router bits used in industrial CNC machinery. The flutes are sculpted to give a clean finished edge, even in the most difficult materials. As the bit rotates, the opposing angles of the flutes compresses and slice the wood, eliminating tear-out on on the top AND bottom of the workpiece.

The cutter is carved from a solid carbide ring, induction brazed to the 1/2" steel shank. This combination of carbide and steel is more durable, and shock resistant than solid carbide.

For Professional Quality results, you can't go wrong with Whiteside's Ultimate Trim bits.

Whiteside Ultimate bits are available in Flush-Trim, Template, or Combo Flush-Trim/Template configurations. Template bits are plunge cutting.

Available in a range of diameters, lengths of cut, materials, and flute designs, straight router bits can do it all. If you need to trim an edge, cut a dado or rabbet, trace a template, waste a mortise, inlay or carve some basic lettering a straight bit can get the job done.

Straight fluted bits are a good all around choice, although they are generally not able to plunge cut. Bits of 1/4” and above are almost always carbide tipped for extra toughness, and will usually have two cutting edges. Smaller diameter bits are more typically solid carbide, and ground with a single cutting edge.

Spiral bits have cutting edges that wrap around the bit in a helix, for a smooth surface finish on the workpiece, and excellent chip clearing in enclosed feature. Most spiral bits are plunge cutting. Whiteside's solid carbide spiral bits are offered in up cut, down cut, and compression cut (up and down), for a range of chip clearing, and tear-out reducing options.

Undersized plywood bits are handy bits, for single pass cutting of dados, and slots correctly sized to common sheet goods, and plywood.

Router bits with a bearing, or pilot, are typically called: Trim, Flush Trim, Pattern, or Template Bits.

Flush Trim Router bits have a bearing or pilot at the end of the bit. The Bearing runs along the workpiece to allow the blades to “trim” veneer, laminate, or just about any material to a clean edge.

Ultimate Flush Trim Router bits are Whiteside's top of the line professional flush trim, and template bits.

Pattern and Template Bits have a bearing above the flutes of the bit, where the cutting edges meet the shank. The bearing runs along a template or pattern laid on-top of the workpiece, trimming the workpiece to match. Use Template bits to make copies of a shape, rout out material for inlay, or to clean out the bottom of a Dado made on a table or chop saw.

Replacement Bearings and Bearing Sets are available in a range of sizes.

For over 30 years Whiteside Machine Company has manufactured best quality router-bits and we are proud to offer an exceptionally wide selection of their catalog. Combine them with your Festool router, or router table and you have a professional quality solution not only for shaping, but for joinery, grooving, copying templates, and even making the kid a custom set of wooden train tracks.

Flag waving aside, the real reason to purchase a Whiteside router-bit is because the hands down top quality of their product. Their router bits feature innovations such as concave ground cutting edges, who's sole purpose is to improve product quality, not simplify a production process, or shave a few cents per bit in manufacturing cost. Whiteside is a company who would rather build their own proprietary machinery, than settle for what's available, and with over 200 years of collective experience in their grinding room alone, they have the chops to pull it off. What that means for your woodworking is not having to worry about endlessly sanding out machine marks. It means not having to worry that a pre-maturely dull bit will tear out the grain. It means you can push your bit through the wood with the confidence of knowing that the folks who made your router bit cared as much about their product, as you care about yours.

Whiteside Machine is a family owned and operated business based in Claremont, North Carolina.

Fine Wood Working had this to say about Whiteside in their May June 2007 Router-bit review: "At the end of the day, the Whiteside and the Eagle bits had risen to the top of the mix, tying for the highest score. Lee Valley had the second-highest score, followed by Southeast and Woodtek in a tie for third. By the way, Whiteside also had the best bit when we reviewed straight bits in our August 1999 issue (FWW #137). We named the Eagle and Whiteside bits best overall. And, since the Whiteside had one of the lowest prices of the top bits, we also named it best value."

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