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Crowned CBN Grinding Wheels

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Crowned CBN Grinding Wheels - 6" 80 grit crowned CBN wheel, 3600rpm Baldor grinder. Freehand from flat  to a hollow at the wire edge. Real time. The tool barely heats video

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6" diameter 80 Grit x 1/2" Bore x 3/4" Wide alt="6" diameter 80 Grit x 1/2" Bore x 3/4" Wide"cancel 6" diameter 80 Grit x 1/2" Bore x 3/4" Wide ($99.95) In Stock
8" diameter 80 Grit x 5/8" Bore x 1" Wide alt="8" diameter 80 Grit x 5/8" Bore x 1" Wide"cancel 8" diameter 80 Grit x 5/8" Bore x 1" Wide ($139.95) In Stock
8" diameter 80 Grit x 3/4" Bore  x 1" Wide (Baldor 8") alt="8" diameter 80 Grit x 3/4" Bore  x 1" Wide (Baldor 8")"cancel 8" diameter 80 Grit x 3/4" Bore x 1" Wide (Baldor 8") ($139.95) In Stock
We have long been a proponent of hollow-grinding chisels and plane irons, because it makes honing so much easier. However, for many folks even high-quality bonded abrasive wheels are too dusty, difficult to maintain, or challenging to dress.

Crowned CBN (Cubic Boron Nitride) grinding wheels provide a precise, clean, and cool-running alternative to bonded abrasive grit wheels. Our CBN wheels take the technology forward by adding an important tradition feature. Unlike other CBN wheels on the market our wheels are crowned. That is there is a very slight radius (a few thousands of an inch) on the wheel going from side to side. It is nearly impossible to put an edge square again a flat wheel. One side of the tool or the other gets into contact and heats up quickly. The traditional solution to this is to put a very slight crown on the wheel so your corners are protected. As you move back and forth on the face of the wheel you will find the crown liberating and you will grind even cooler and straight across.

On a traditional friable grinding wheel the crown is put in by dressing the wheel. CBN wheels are never dressed (it would destroy the wheel) so we had the crown machined into the wheel profile. It's tiny, nearly invisible, but it does the job brilliantly.

Our wheels are designed to fit most bench grinders, just match the diameter and bore. Our 80 grit wheels will grind very cool and get your edge tools ready for honing. The wheels also have wide hubs so the flanges on your grinder will fit properly. Properly fitting flanges ensures that your wheel is properly spaced on their grinder arbor and will not interfere with the guards. These wheels are designed to be a replacement for stock friable wheels and are used with the grinder flanges and stock guards in place.

We've got a CBN wheel mounted on the bench grinder in our workshop, and it's a breeze to use. The slight crown of the wheel gives a predicable first contact area for free hand grinding and gives loads of extra control to grind predictably. It also prevents accidentally overheating the corners of your tool. Because the machined aluminum wheel is precisely round, there is zero tool chatter, and the grinder itself runs more quietly.

CBN is the second hardest material in the known universe, second only to diamond, but in powered grinding applications it is actually more durable than diamond because it doesn't react with iron - as the carbon molecules of a diamond will. That means you can grind to your heart's content on a CBN wheel - HSS, A2, D2, Powdered Metal, O1, W1, even carbide. It has another welcomed property that bonded abrasive wheels don't have: CBN and the aluminum wheel absorb heat instead of reflecting it back into the tool. This makes for very cool grinding, and with care you can even grind to a wire edge without dunking the tool in water (although we don't recommend it, cowboy). Do not use a CBN wheel for grinding any non-ferrous metals or unhardened steel. Typically people put one CBN wheel on their grinder for edge tools and keep the order side stock for grinding everything else.

If you've been looking for the next evolution in grinding for woodworkers, this is it.

Made in China to our designs.

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Is it possible to fall in love with a grinding wheel?
By: B. Taylor (Sep, 2022)
This is absolutely a game changer for re-establishing the primary bevels on plane irons and chisels. The wheel runs smoothly (no vibration), fits the (1/2") arbor without shims, does not need truing, and keeps the irons amazingly cool preventing the irons from overheating. Narrow irons and chisels will get hot so you still have to be careful, but this wheel makes all the difference on my higher speed Delta bench grinder. The larger grit (80) made quick work on my plane irons and chisels. Getting back to sharp was a breeze after re-establishing the primary bevel. Thanks to Luis for including a quick note on the invoice letting me know a real human being was on the other end making sure everything was ok (who does that?). You guys are my new go to tool store.
I own this product.
By: Joe (Jan, 2020)
Throw your grinder wheels away. Made in China or not the wheel I received is true and balanced. I'll never dress a wheel again! Fed ex dropped this off a few hours ago and I already sharpened a bunch of chisels and plane irons.
I own this product.
No vibration
By: Bruce Mack (Jan, 2018)
I got this about a year ago and installed it on my inexpensive DeWalt grinder. The 60 grit wheel gives a quick and controlled hollow to my plane irons and chisels. There is no excessive heating. There is no vibration, something I had not been able to control with aftermarket bushings and flanges, not needed with the CBN wheel. I am very happy with this purchase.
I own this product.
By: Metod Alif (Dec, 2017)
My 6" 60 grit CBN wheel was shipped within hours of my order. Thank you for your service. Since I received it two days ago, I hollow ground 2 chisels and 5 irons. I am very pleased with the results. No need for water dipping. I wanted to see if I can get a wire edge without bluing. I did, easily. Toward the end I would pause for about 5 seconds between passes. The steel would get warm but far from hot. The other wheel on the grinder is causing some vibration. If was much worse before I dressed it (both sides too). I am now considering to replace it with another, 80 grit CBN wheel.
I own this product.
By: David Ragan (Oct, 2017)
First, it was shipped pronto like promised. Arrived on time, in good shape, and was perfectly balanced. Installed w some bushings I had. Ground one blade today-worked great; exactly as promoted. Great investment. Excellent service. Thanks guys.
I own this product.
By: Dennis (Jan, 2017)
Arrived in a few days ,packaged very well, and cuts like a dream Only problem i had was my fault. I did not measure my arbor size and it was less than 3/4". Lucky for me I have a metal lathe and quickly made a bushing. Advise to all is to check your arbor size.
I own this product.
By: Rick (Oct, 2016)
Many things are made in China and then imported into the country because of costs. Most can't afford a CBN wheel if it is locally made, how about, say, $159 apiece? As long as the quality lasts, who cares. (By the way, check where you laptop or computer which you used to send your comment is made. China or Taiwan, most likely.)
I own this product.
By: Brendan Gaffney (Aug, 2016)
This wheel is awesome. Super cool grinding (no need to quench while working), nice crown makes the contact point pretty reliable. Works well on my older 3600 RPM grinder. It remains to see its longevity, but it's showing no wear after putting a new hollow grind in just about every tool I own.
I own this product.
By: Claude Callender (Jul, 2016)
Why does everything have to be made in China?

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