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Union Metal Elixir - Rust Preventative

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Both the tools that we use (with fingerprints initiating rust) and tools we don’t (stored under suboptimal conditions) are prime candidates for rust and corrosion. Union Manufacturing, makers of the AccuBurr burnisher, have come up with a proprietary potion to protect your tools against rust and corrosion - without leaving them sticky or damaging your tool’s wooden components.

The Union Metal Elixir Rust Preventative uses a blend of ingredients, including jojoba oil and beeswax, to penetrate the metal, leaving it protected without feeling oily or greasy. This is not a “hack” but rather a product developed especially for tools, whether new or used-antique-refurbished. The photos provided by Union Manufacturing show the Elixir in action - 90 days in a non-temperature controlled shop with high humidity, rusted without the Elixir and protected with it.

The Metal Elixir is appropriate for both new and used tools. It can also be used as a metal lubricant.

2 oz. bottle. Ground shipment only.

Made in the USA.

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