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- Issues 1,2, & 3
Quercus Magazine - Issues 1,2, & 3
Quercus Magazine

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Quercus Magazine is an exciting new magazine devoted to hand woodworking edited by Nick Gibbs, a veteran of several British woodworking magazines. Quercus, which bears the slogan, “Working Wood by Hand,” is crammed with interesting topics and ideas that will appeal to anyone interested in greenwoodwork, sloyd, spoonmaking, chairmaking, carving, and traditional crafts.

The magazine features contributors from Britain and all over the world. Many of the contributors have lively social media presences but the magazine also incorporates material from established British woodworking magazines. Quercus also features a very robust “Letters, Comments & Ideas” section.

The magazine is rich with full-color photos, but its cost is kept down by its paper - thin and recycled. This gives the magazine an immediacy and approachability that you’ll enjoy. Quercus was launched as a quarterly publication, with the possibility of “perhaps” going bi-monthly in the future. 64 pages with zero ads.

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Issue four has just arrived!

Issue 4 (Jan/Feb 2021) - Table of Contents

  • How I’m passing my craft to my children by Steve Schuler
  • Turning inclusion school students into chairmakers by Adam Flack
  • Greenwoodwork as the antidote to the electronic age by Robin Gates
  • Using both arms to increase skill and versatility by Paul Hayes
  • Using the Ryoba Saw by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Hand tool engraving and how it led me to woodworking by Jenny Bower
  • Fitting drawers into a solid carcase by Derek Jones
  • Deconstructing Gerrit Rietveld’s iconic Red Blue Chair by Robin Gates
  • Book review: Mouldings in Practice (review by Derek Olson)
  • Book review: Rietveld Furniture by (review by Robin Gates
  • Book review The Chair (review by Nick Gibbs)
  • Adapting an Eclipse honing guide by David Charlesworth
  • Restoring a Stanley 151 plane by Mike Fewster
  • Making a Bench Lamp Base by Ethan Sincox (the Kilted Woodworker)
  • Carving coat pegs from tree branches by Jogge Sundqvist
  • Lockdown challenge: Making William Morris Sussex chairs with no workshop and few tools by Nick Gibbs
  • Carving a simple ball by Doug Stowe
  • Making a Pole Lathe on YouTube by Maurice Clother
  • A better design for bench hooks by Robin Gates
  • Instagram woodworking stars Vinko Nino Jaeger, Sophie Sellu and Benoit Averly
  • Greenwood cleaving and sheaving by Mike Abbott
  • Early British planes by Richard Arnold
  • vTurning flasks in Romania by Stuart King
  • Letters to the editor
  • Team spooncarving challenge: axes and knives vs. spokeshaves and gouges
  • Profile of Julia Kalthoff of Kalthoff Axes

Issue 3 (Nov/Dec 2020) - Table of Contents

  • Planing stops by Robin Gates
  • Building a Two-Hour Stool by Alison Ospina
  • Crosscut saw teeth by Brian Williamson
  • Hand skills - was James Krenov right? by Derek Jones
  • Little Acorn Furniture classes by Alasdair Kilpatrick
  • Making a saving horse from sawn timber by Mike Abbott
  • Top ten spokeshave - reader’s poll
  • Inheriting my grandfather’s tool chest by Richard Arnold
  • Review of The Complete Guide to Sharpening by Derek Olson
  • The Digital Craft Festival
  • The Ken Hawley Trust videos of Sheffiled’s toolmaking history by Hugh Thompson
  • Review of The Guide to Woodworking with Kids by Nick Gibbs
  • Review of Eric Sloan’s Museum of Early American Tools by Jason Reuter
  • Turning a woodworking hobby into a side business by Steve Schuler
  • Making Wagaton trays in my garage by Dom Campbell
  • Secrets of marking by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Planing end-grain by Dylan Iwakuni
  • The history of slojd by Jogge Sundqvist
  • The art of bending wood by James Mursell
  • Sharpening gouges by Mary May
  • Fitting an axe handle by Sean Hellman
  • Profile of Richard Kell

Issue 2 (Aug 2020) - Table of Contents

  • Building a straight-legged sawbench by Robin Gates
  • Willow basketry by Sandra Kehoe
  • Lockdown tablemaking by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Thread cutting by Derke Jones
  • Greenwood bowls by Flo Hamer
  • Profile cutters for the Preston Beading Tool by Ethan Sincox, aka the Kilted Woodworker
  • Teaching hand skills a better way by Joe Bray
  • Is power carving handwork? By Kevin Inkster
  • Woodworking on the Cornish beach by Dominic Pearce
  • The importance of blade angles by James Mursell
  • 10 ways to hold a knife with control by Drew Langsner
  • Woodworking for kids by Doug Stowe
  • Understanding grain direction by Mary May
  • Welsh stick chairmaking by Klaus Skrudland
  • The origins of the ubiquitous modern shaving horse by Mike Abbott
  • How a wooden plane changed my life by Richard Arnold
  • Boxwood wood engraving (exhibit at Ashmolean Museum in Oxford)

Issue 1 (Summer 2020) Table of Contents

  • A comparison of John Brown and John Makepeace chairs by David Savage
  • A study of vintage countersinks by Ethan Sincox, aka The Kilted Woodworker
  • Welsh Stick Chair models by Rudy Everts
  • Memories of being a pedlar (peddler) by Barn Carder
  • How to saw by Derek Jones
  • Planing by hand by Dylan Iwakuni
  • Balancing IT work with spooncarving by Russell West
  • Making a replica of a Titanic handrail with vintage wooden tools by Richard Arnold
  • Why Wycombe became the heart of Britain’s chairmaking trade by John Mayes
  • Tensioning a Backsaw by Mark Harrell
  • Reconditioning an old axe head by Sean Hellman
  • Using a hand-powered ripsaw by Robin Gates
  • Designing chair shapes by James Mursell
  • How to use models to design chairs by Robert Turek
  • Carving an elm lamp by hand by Robin Gates
  • Making spokeshaves from kits by John Lloyd
  • Lockdown Challenge: Spooncarving
  • Van Gogh replica chairs by Masashi Kutsuwa
  • Swedish-inspired ladles by Drew Langsner
  • Living off-grid at Le Shack, the Quercus French HQ, by Nick Gibbs
  • Bill Carter’s Hut of 1000 planes
  • Greenwood tools made by hand
  • Exploring the legacy of John Brown and Welsh stick chairs

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