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Azebiki Lightweight Double-Sided Saw

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This Azebiki is a lightweight double-sided saw with a short, rounded blade that lets you make cuts in the center of your panel, where there is no place to start a regular saw. You can cut away without damaging adjacent work. Originally designed for cutting holes in flooring, there are so many applications for a saw with this attribute - lutherie, cabinetry, ship building, window building and more. You will be able to get into tight corners and other awkward spots that other handsaws simply can’t reach.

The flexible, curved blade enables you to start a cut at almost any angle. Clean up and take out portions of the old runners in a chest of drawers. Deepen and clean fret slots on a guitar. Holes, mortises, grooves in mid-panel, curves, sliding dovetails- you’ll find use after use. The saw has both (fine) crosscut and (coarse) rip teeth that enable it to tackle any task with a thin, fine cut.

Blade length: 90 mm (3.5 inches). Wooden handle. Made in Japan.

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