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Tung Oil by Real Milk Paint

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Real Milk Paint Co.
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Pure Tung Oil alt="Pure Tung Oil"cancelPure Tung Oil (MSDS)
 8 Oz. ($13.99) In Stock
 16 Oz ($17.99) In Stock
 32 Oz. ($29.99) In Stock
 1 Gal ($73.99) In Stock
Dark Raw Tung Oil alt="Dark Raw Tung Oil"cancelDark Raw Tung Oil (MSDS)
 8 Oz. ($18.99) In Stock
 16 Oz ($23.99) In Stock
 32 Oz. ($35.99) In Stock
 1 Gal ($84.99) Sold Out
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Real Milk Paint Pure Tung Oil is exactly that: pure tung oil with no additives or petroleum distillates. This is the highest grade tung oil available, with a light honey tone that adds brilliance to any wood. Tung is one of our favorite finishes, as it polymerizes for a highly durable, water-resistant finish, and is FDA approved for food conatact. Tung oil dries to a matte finish, and will not build up a coating but will rather seal the wood at the surface. It will not blister and peel, and does not mold or darken with time like linseed oil.

Pure Tung Oil is honey golden in color and adds a rich look to wooden surfaces. Dark Tung Oil has the look of strong coffee. The darker tint is imparted by a resinous hydrocarbon that adds to the complexity of the finished look. We especially like the way Dark Tung Oil brings out the open grain of oak, highlighting the natural beauty of the wood.

Tung oil is an excellent finish for outdoor furniture, and a great natural choice for protecting your deck. Likewise, it's a great choice for floors, chairs and countertops. Very porous surfaces can absorb pure oil, but for a natural finish with better penetration and quicker drying times, mix with Citrus Solvent. Can be used on any wood, and even brick or concrete.

Real Milk Paint goes to great lengths to provide the freshest, highest quality Tung Oil available. They package just before shipping so you receive the freshest product possible. The only way your likely to get a fresher product is by wringing out the tung nut yourself.

For a light seal, apply 2-4 coats. For heavy-wear, apply at least 6 coats. Ideal application is full saturation: apply tung oil until the wood won’t soak up any more.

Coverage, one coat (undiluted)
 8 oz.  25 sq. ft. 
 16 oz.  50 sq. ft. 
 32 oz.  100 sq. ft. 
 Gallon  400 sq. ft. 

Tung Oil is Flammable: Keep containers tightly closed away from extreme temperature changes and open flames. As with all oils, rags, steel wool or waste soaked with oil, may spontaneously catch fire if improperly discarded. Immediately after use, place the oil soaked material in a sealed water-filled metal container or hang outside separately to dry.

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By: Frank Katusa (Aug, 2020)
I have been using this tung oil product for about 6 years on spoons, hand carved bowls,cutting boards, slate occasionally and finished wood products.It leaves a great waterproof finish. I have one spoon I use daily and never had to re-finish it after 4 years. It does take a few applications to soak in but if applied correctly it dries hard.I soak the spoons. I apply with 50% citrus 2x then 25% 2x then full strenth final finish 2x and let dry as per manuf. directions. Seems like overkill but I rarely worry about need to touch up and I also sand my spoons to 600 grit That's why my spoons and cutting boards rarely need touch ups, because of application not sanding. I just like smooth . I hope this helps someone.
I own this product.
Pure Tung Oil
By: Andrew (Feb, 2020)
Gives cherry a lovely, warm, hue. Non-toxic. Great product.
I own this product.

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