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MoraKniv Wood Splitter Drawknife 220

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This versatile wood splitting drawknife is great for stripping bark off green and dry wood, cutting large chunks of wood into smaller pieces of kindling, tillering a bow and rounding wooden spars. The two-handled knife feels great in your hands and features a double-beveled stainless steel blade that arrives sharp and stays sharp through many, many tasks.

Once you have it in your collection you’ll find many uses for this sharp, lightweight and well-made knife.

Dimensions: Blade Thickness: 0.1" (0.25 cm). Blade Length: 4.5" (11.4 cm). Total Length: 14.4" (36.6 cm). Net weight: 5.4 oz. (154 g). Lightly oiled birch handles. Comes with a thin clear plastic cover over the blade. Note: Discoloring/tarnishing of the blade is a normal part of the tempering process and does not affect the performance of the knife.

Made in Sweden.

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