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Wooden Handscrew Clamps by Dubuque

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Jaw LengthThroat DepthMax. OpeningJaw Width
4"2"2-1/4"1" ($19.95) In Stock
6"3"3"1-1/4" ($21.95) In Stock
8"4"5"1-1/2" ($25.95) In Stock
10"5"7"1-5/8" ($28.95) In Stock
12"6"9-1/4"1-7/8" ($36.95) In Stock
14"7"10-1/4"2-1/8" ($39.95) In Stock
When you need to clamp a workpiece, American made Dubuque Handscrew Clamps are the way to go. The twin handscrew design applies pressure along the length of the hard maple jaws - even on workpieces without parallel sides.

What sets these clamps apart from look-alikes is their quality of construction. Dubuque machines the screw threads to close tolerances from cold-drawn carbon steel. The threads are then plated for smooth operation and wear resistance.The larger size, 8”,10”,12” and 14” clamps have acme threaded spindles to handle heavy and repeated stress. All sizes have double leads for quick action.

The steel roll-pinned handles can be removed for maintenance or replacement of any portion of the clamp. It’s a nice touch, but strikes us as overkill, because these clamps have a service-life best measured in generations.

Made in USA by Dubuque Clamp Works

A note on use and maintenance:
Don't lubricate the screw threads, or your clamp won't stay clamped. Remove accidental wax, or oil with a brush and lacquer thinner, or acetone, and your clamp's threads will be as as grippy as get-up in no-time.

If you purchase four or more handscrew clamps (any mix of sizes) you get 10% off. For larger quantities of single sizes please contact customer service for discount information.
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Spoon and bowl carver
By: Darrell Albert (Jun, 2023)
Great quality and extremely functional for holding wood spoon blanks while power carving.
I own this product.
woodworking hobbyist
By: Kevin Garrity (Jan, 2016)
I purchased pairs of 6's and 8's, and am very pleased with their fit and finish. The handles are a bit thicker and unfinished - allowing for a better grasp overall. These may very well be the best handscrews on the market today, and I have no ties to Dubuque.
I own this product.

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