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Parting Tools by Ashley Iles

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 Thin, Rosewood handle - 1/16" ($47.95) In Stock
 Parallel Sides 1/16" ($46.95) In Stock
 Parallel Sides 1/8" ($43.95) In Stock
Parallel Sides 1/4" ($53.95) Not available
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 Fluted 3/16" ($66.95) In Stock
Parting tools cut a narrow groove in the work and are used to cleanly cut off turnings and to mark sharp boundaries when you first start defining the shape of a turning. The variety of shapes of parting tools - diamond, rectangular, fluted - makes it easy to choose the best tool based upon their respective strengths and uses. The traditional rectangular parting tool is simply a piece of steel with the top ground flat. It's very rigid and the easiest of the parting tools to sharpen, but it is also subject to burning since the sides of the tool rub in the groove created by the cut. Because of this feature, the diamond parting tool was developed. The diamond-shape tools allow for great control and lesser heat build-up. The fluted parting tools have more of a sharp tip, which cuts the wood cleanly before the whole blade gets involved, making it known for its clean cutting.

Note: the fluted parting tool is used with the flutes down. Since the steel of the flutes is a lot harder than your toolrest, the flutes can damage the toolrest, so always put a pad down to protect the toolrest when you use the fluted parting tool.

Except where noted all tools are made of high speed steel (HSS) and are sold handled. Tony Iles hand finishes each and every turning tool himself and is proud that every tool is shipped with its surfaces ground and edges broken. These are tools that will feel wonderful in the hand, with a heft makes them feel very solid - a real aid in turning. All the tools are shipped sharp and ready to use, although we fully expect many of you to customize the grinds to your particular working methods.

For more information on Ashley Iles - tools in the old tradition, Click here. All Ashley Iles Tools are made in England.

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