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The Gramercy Tools 14" Saw Vise

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Gramercy Tools | Our Own Brand
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A good saw vise is crucial when you hand-sharpen a saw. Most of the saw vises we see on the antique market are lighter duty saw vises with built in clamps for temporarily clamping to a bench for sharpening in the field. We have used them for years. Unfortunately the bench clamp and pivot makes even the best of them sit too high on a bench and adds a little flex. Flex is a no-no when sharpening - it makes the saw teeth vibrate and shortens file life. Even the great old Disston no. 3Ds, the best of the portable vises isn’t super-solid, and on a lot of those the levers are worn out so that they don’t clamp tight enough.

You can make a wooden shop made saw vise pretty easily and they can be as simple or as complicated or as cumbersome or convenient as you wish. Saw-making companies used large, steel, shop made clamps for sharpening their big saws, those were never really commercially available.

The best of the antique saw vises that you do find were designed for mounting on a bench which makes them far more solid. Less vibration means faster sharpening and longer file life. One day we got our hands on a saw vise like that - a late 19th century Wentworth no. 2. It was a different world. The rotating clamping cam gives tons of pressure at the jaws, it sits lower on the bench, it’s easier on the back, you could work sitting down, and it was rock solid. It was our inspiration.

Our version of this style saw vise is a workhorse. It has a 14" machined steel jaw so that you can solidly clamp most backsaws without repositioning it during filing, and hold a handsaw with only one repositioning.

The jaws of a lot of old cast saw vises are marked up by files caused when someone was trying to clamp a saw low in the vise (for less vibration) but also add some slope to the gullets by tilting the file down. Our machined 1/4" thick steel jaws solve this problem and are at a 45 degree angle to the saw blade so that you have plenty of clearance to easily add in as much slope as you might like. This is a great opportunity to try out some of the early saw filing patterns which used angled gullets for enhanced performance. We are really pleased to say that our sharpening person here actually prefers it to the original antique.

Made in USA.

"The Gramercy saw vise turned my Wentworth into a bass boat anchor. The Gramercy has 14" jaws that grip the saw so tightly that the vise and saw seem as one entity. As a result, filing with it is quieter and smoother." - Chris Schwarz, Woodworking Magazine Blog
"I file for two to four hours every day and there's no equal to my Gramercy." - Matt Cianci, "Saw Sharpening 101," Popular Woodworking, June 2018

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More than Expected
By: Meryl Logue (Dec, 2023)
I finally realized that with over a dozen saws to clean up, I would go broke sending them out. (I’m at over 20 now!) So I looked at this as an investment. It was fantastic! I found a fit-n-finish issue that I fixed with a flat file in 45 seconds. Then I found that the jaws seemed to be not fully precisely closing, resulting in some vibration at a certain spot along the vise. I called in and a nice person told me that the store’s sharpeners use a bit of a soft rubbery self-stick material. They sell some for Festool, which I bought, not knowing what it was. Since then, I’ve found it on Amazon in weatherstrip department. Anyway, I’ve de-rusted almost 20 saws, sharpened them al, retoothed one, filed all 21again as I learned more. I’ve found the LV saw gauge to be a critical element as well. Yesterday, as i resawed a 6” cut with my Simonds Docker, I felt it was not grabbing well. I have this vise mounted to a plywood plate + box that bolts to my bench using star knobs. I mounted it, grabbed the file out of the box, and in less than a minute was filing away. Something important to know… I used a curved hunk of sweet gum limb bolted to the handle. It is just heavy enough that when I release it from my knee, it will lightly grip the saw in place. Then shift sides with my knee to clamp it down. It’s a sweet combination and smooth as silk.
I own this product.
By: Lyle L Smith (Apr, 2022)
Many good hand saws Reconditioning
I own this product.
Great saw vise
By: Bill G (Feb, 2022)
I have had several home built saw vises of good quality, but they do not compare to this Gramercy saw vise. The saw plate clamping id effortless, filing is without vibration, even for a 5tpi rip saw . The heavily sloped side allow almost 45 degrees of gullet angle and fleas. I have gone through all of my saws (12) with little effort and little filing noise . I am completely satisfied with the saw vise. Now onto my woodworking friends saws!
I own this product.
Saw sharpening vise
By: Herb Hoff (Apr, 2020)
I just purchased, received, and installed this vise on my bench. It’s looking like it will be great to use. I had tried some other improvised ways of securing my hand saws for sharpening this is far and away superior. As for the vender, they’re awesome! I thought the price fair, order process straightforward, and delivery prompt (and that in the midst of Covid-19). Additionally the vise was carefully & not wastefully packaged for shipment. Thanks much, Herb Hoff
I own this product.
By: Joseph Guida (May, 2019)
Got my vise 3 days ago and mounted it in a 2 x 10 that I than mounted to 2”thick maple apron and it’s rock solid. Sharpened my bad ax stiletto dovetail and carcass saws. Both these saws are 18 thousand of an inch (pretty much paper thin) and zero vibration! The difference in results when sharpening is vibration free is astounding. The reality is, is that their is no alternative to this vise. It is reasonably priced for what it does. Do yourself a favor if you sharpen your own saws buy this vise.
I own this product.
By: Phil (Oct, 2018)
I purchased this vise several years ago when I decided to learn how to sharpen my own saws. It was the vise that I noticed was being used in many instructional videos by experienced sharpeners. Now, after dozens of saws sharpened, I see why the experienced folks use this. Couldn’t be happier I decided to get the best from the beginning.
I own this product.
gramercy saw vise
By: mick rafferty (Sep, 2018)
is this avaiable in australia if not how much to post one here cheers mick ps ive got stuff from you before
Excellent Vise
By: Glenn (Jun, 2018)
Used this vise over the weekend during Don Williams' dovetail saw making class at the Barn to make two saws. Great vise. Mounts solidly, parallel and level jaws, outstanding gripping. I was not disappointed in any way.
I own this product.
More tan expected
By: Robert Finley (Jun, 2018)
Wanted to learn to sharpen my saws myself. Had everything needed but no clamp. Nothing impressed me,not used vintage clamps online, and not making one out of wood. Saw this clamp and fell in love. Would have purchased it sooner if not for the price. Finally reached my breaking point and just bought it. If price is stopping you it is worth every penny and you will not regret it. I am no expert at sharpening (yet)but I know quality when I see it. Very happy with vise. Thank you Gramercy.
I own this product.
Excellent tool
By: Marc (Oct, 2016)
My Gramercy saw vise arrived quickly, extremely well packaged but disappointingly, the jaws were misaligned so that the top line of the jaws crisscrossed 1/8" when the vise was closed. TFWW quickly sent me a replacement unit that was just right out of the box. The vise works great. I installed it so that my elbows lie comfortably bent at 90 degrees while filing.
I own this product.
Heirloom Quality
By: Steve (Aug, 2016)
I have purchased many Gramercy tools in the past and have ALWAYS been impressed with the quality. Today, I was blown out of the water with this heirloom quality saw vise. The attention to detail with construction all the way down to the copious instructions on set-up, use and filing diagrams. Thank you for always being prompt and to your attention to detail, including packaging and shipping.
I own this product.
A Lifetime Tool
By: Todd (Apr, 2016)
This is worth every penny. The jaws and frame are really stout 1/4"steel and help to bring vibration and noise to a minimum. I'm learning more and more everyday but the only way that I can sucsed in this is by having the right tool for the job. This vise is a quality tool that shows in the material and craftsmanship of how it's made which now days is a very rare thing and I love to support manufacturers that are way above the cut. It's well worth it!!!
I own this product.
By: Malcolm Schweizer (Apr, 2015)
Stop and read the description- it's made of 1/4" steel. I saw that but it didn't really register. That is some seriously thick steel. This thing is a tank, but even better, it gracefully clamps your finest saws with ease. I did a cold blued and baked flax seed oil finish for mine and it came out beautiful. Here's a link to that:!!!&p=2408219#post2408219 .
I own this product.
By: Scott Boatright (Feb, 2015)
The Gramercy Saw Vice is as solid and "competent" as advertised. Well engineered, beautifully constructed, feels like it'll last forever. It's the perfect tool for its purpose. I love it so much I want to pet it like a puppy.
I own this product.
Excellent Vise
By: Adam Welker (May, 2014)
I received my vise last week and immediately put it to use. The construction is solid and it holds a saw tightly. It is very easy to use once solidly mounted to a bench. My only quibble is that the rear jaw isn't perfectly parallel with the front jaw. The vise works great though and the slight defect doesn't affect it during use.
I own this product.
By: Chris Kenney (Dec, 2013)
Just received my saw vise and sharpened two saws. I don't know why I wasted my money and purchased those cast iron antiques. The Gramercy vise holds the saw fast and straight. No saw slippage or saw falling out of vise. Very high quality and it works the way a saw vise should. You only get what you pay for! I give it 5 stars.
I own this product.
The only saw vice to own
By: Regis Will (Apr, 2013)
I've had my saw vice for several years and I use it to maintain all of my saws and some of my friends saws. Easy to use, never fussy, holds tight and is never in the way. Would buy another but I doubt I'd ever need to.
I own this product.
Sharp saws, smooth cuts
By: Nathan (Mar, 2013)
This vise holds sawplates tightly, eliminating vibration that leads to poorly sharpened saws. One other feature that I like on this is the inclusion of two holes on the cam lever. This allowed me to easily mount a long, wooden handle onto the lever so that I can operate the clamping mechanism with a knee or foot while positioning the saw with both hands.
I own this product.
Good Quality
By: Jason (Mar, 2013)
I bought this saw vice about a year ago. It has been a joy to use. When it came, it had a small bur on the inside of the jaws that was scratching the saw plate. This was an easy fix and I have had no problems since. I have been able to use this for everything from sharpening to retoothing saw plates. I highly recommend this vice.
I own this product.
A great saw vice makes all the difference
By: Jim McCoy (Mar, 2013)
My wife gave me one of these for Christmas a couple years ago and I've been learning to sharpen my hand saws with it. It works a lot better than the wooden ones I had tried making my self. I've restored several hand saws and backsaws using this vice and Ron Herman's instructions. Now I actually enjoy keeping my saws sharp.
I own this product.

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