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FastCap Screw Wax

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 FastCap Screw Wax - 2 oz. tin ($8.33) In Stock
Avoid the struggle of working screws into unforgiving wood or the hassle of broken screws! Just a small dip or smear of FastCap Screw Wax will make your work easier. Just dip the screw into the wax or dip a Q-tip or toothpick into the wax and then apply to the screw or pre-drilled hole. You’ll work faster and happier. Screw Wax is also great for cabinet installations, guitar making, calming squeaky hinge pins, and threading bolts. No muss, no fuss.

Wax comes soft and ready to adhere to screws, bolts and bits.

Customer Reviews:
screw wax
By: Jim Uber (Feb, 2021)
Hi, I don't want to rain on your business because I LOVE you and I don't expect you to post this, but I buy a cheap wax toilet ring and put it in a couple jars. I'm still using the first ring after about 10 years! Jim
I own this product.

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