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Corner Chisels by Ray Iles

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Ray Iles | Exclusive Importers in the USA
Found in Departments: Other Chisels and Heavy Duty Gouges
  Ray Iles
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Corner chisels, also known as bruzze chisels, are used to cut 90 degree corners for joinery. The larger sizes are favored by timber framers, and it’s a great tool in all sizes to quickly square up the corners of a mortise after routing by machine. Ray Iles' corner chisels feature beech handles and an easy-to-sharpen carbon steel blade that will keep an edge for a long time. Made in England.
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By: Poojdev sharma (Mar, 2023)
I like
I own this product.
No llike
By: M. A. Williams (Aug, 2020)
Just shy of 89 degrees, this is no 90 degree chisel.
I own this product.

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