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Wood Is Good Mallet

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Found in Departments: Gifts for Novice Woodworkers
  Hammers and Mallets
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 Wood Is Good Mallet 12 Oz. ($43.88) In Stock
 Wood Is Good Mallet 18 Oz. ($55.80) In Stock
 Wood Is Good Mallet 20 Oz. ($52.88) In Stock
 Wood Is Good Mallet 30 Oz. ($59.94) In Stock
A modern interpretation, in modern materials of the classic carver's mallet. This is a long lasting tool that does not harm the chisel handle -- and is easy on the carver's hand and arm during extensive carving sessions. Thanks to the synthetic striking surface, shock is absorbed before it can get to your arm, and yet it transmits the full striking force to the tool.

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