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BT&C Headless Cut Brads

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Found in Departments: Brooklyn Tool & Craft Cut Nails
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All BT&C cut nails are made in the USA by The Tremont Nail Company, the oldest remaining cut nail maker in the USA, making nails since 1819.
If you purchase four or more packets of any type of nails you will get 10% off the purchase price.
Nails are sold by weight. The number given next to the item in parenthesis is an approximate count for the package.
 1/8 lb. 7/8" Headless Brad nails (~190) ($14.95) In Stock
 1/8 lb. 2d (1") Headless Brad nails (~146) ($14.95) In Stock
 1/8 lb. 3d (1-1/4") Headless Brad nails (~90) ($14.95) In Stock
 1/8 lb. 4d (1-1/2") Headless Brad nails (~72) ($13.95) In Stock
With a tiny nearly invisible head these headless brad are used in fine cabinet work, furniture repair, picture framing and on casements. The slender nail will minimize splits. You will find that the wedge profile of these nails will give you a lot more pullout resistance than a similar sized wire nail. .
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