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Deluxe Coping Saw (360 degrees) and blades

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Deluxe Coping Saw (360 degrees) and bladesDeluxe Coping Saw (360 degrees) and bladescancelleft arrowright arrow
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 Coping Saw frame and one blade ($14.95) In Stock
 Skip Tooth 16 TPI - 1 Dozen (.094" wide x .018 thk.) ($6.95) In Stock
 15 TPI - 1 Dozen (.125" wide x .02 thk.) ($6.95) In Stock
 24 TPI - 1 Dozen (.090" wide x .018 thk.) ($6.95) In Stock
Olson's 360-degree coping saw is at home in any shop - big or small. This versatile saw is great for a multitude of tasks around the shop, everything from clearing tenons and dovetails to basic roughing out of forms. The flat wire frame makes this saw extra rigid to hold the blade tight. The double end tensioning (thumbscrew and handle) gives you a wide range of tensioning options to best suit your needs. The blades can be turned in the frame to give clearance when you cut dovetail waste and in other situations. This saw comes with a 15 TPI, .02" thick, coping saw blade (medium cut - a great general purpose blade) as its standard, and we offer two high-performance replacement blades, the 16 TPI skip tooth and 24 TPI coping saw blades. The 16 TPI (.018" thick) skip tooth blade is excellent for tight radii and thick stock. It�s also thin enough for sliding into a kerf made by a dovetail saw. This is the best blade available for cutting out dovetail waste (and a coping saw blade frame allows you to turn the blade easily for wide boards). The 24 TPI (.018") blade is great for fine work that requires precise control with little tear out.
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Failed on first use
By: Hilton (Nov, 2014)
I bought this along with some replacement blades. Firstly the blade that comes with the saw rusted up within a short while so I'm glad I bought the other blades. On first use though, the handle came right off the saw and on closer inspection there appears to be no glue whatsoever holding the handle to the body. I ended up having to hook my index finger over the lower section of the saw to keep the handle on. Other than those negatives, it seems to be easier to tension and change blades than the Stanley that I've had for ages.
I own this product.
The Saw I Grab For
By: Michael Horan (Mar, 2013)
This is a great little coping saw. The blade and the handle stay put once you tension it. It's the saw I grab when I need to cut just a little bit of something. A broom handle broke; I grabbed this off the wall, zip, zip, zip done. I cuts nice curves too. It is a good saw for kids. My sons used this saw to cut curves in the their Cub Scout Pinewood Derby cars. What a great little saw. No brainer at the price.
I own this product.

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