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Found in Departments: Classic Texts on Tools and Woodworking
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by Jim Tolpin and George Walker Illustrated by Andrea Love

In From Truths to Tools, authors Jim Tolpin and George Walker continue the explorations of By Hand & Eye and By Hound & Eye of “artisan’s design language,” which they see as a timeless design approach with practical applications for the modern woodworker. From Truth to Tools is cheerfully illustrated by Andrea Love and looks a bit like a children’s book. It’s meant to be accessible - the better to convey its ideas: "Once you understand the language behind your tools, very complicated things become easy to understand. Compound joinery. Fitting odd miters. Making curves that taper. And once you get those ideas in your head, it’s a short hop to how those same ideas can be applied to building anything of any shape imaginable - skyscrapers, boats, bridges.”

You can download a pdf sample using the link below.

Hardcover. 198 pages. Printed with Lost Art Press’s customary care.

Pages: 198
Binding: Hard
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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