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By Hound & Eye: A Plain & Easy Guide To Designing Furniture With No Further Trouble

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By Hound & Eye: A Plain & Easy Guide To Designing Furniture With No Further TroubleBy Hound & Eye: A Plain & Easy Guide To Designing Furniture With No Further Troublecancelleft arrowright arrow
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by George R. Walker and Jim Tolpin

By Hound and Eye is the practical how-to companion to Lost Art Press' heady and wonderful By Hand and Eye. In this playful, softcover book, authors Geo. R Walker & Jim Tolpin lay out (har har) a series of exercises and projects using ratios, a sector, and a pair of dividers to construct geometric shapes. The exercises move step by step, building skills, and reinforcing their application to woodworking. The book even includes a page that can be cut out and turned into a sector for use in the exercises. Andrea Love's illustrations are an excellent compliment to the text, and make the book fun - almost like a coloring book for woodworkers - albeit one that teaches practical geometry. This is a book that encourages you to draw on the pages - or at the very least make photo copies.

There are two main areas of concentration in the book. The initial skill building exercises, where you learn how to use a compass and ruler to layout class shapes and proportion. This is the education you would have gotten in a 19th century (and a lot of 20th century) drafting classes. Even if you draft on a computer, understanding traditional geometric construction will make your work go faster. The second concentration is specifically on furniture design, and delves into the normal proportions of furniture and how to construct them. One important point that the book explains is that all furniture has some basic rules. A table needs to be so high depending on function. A chair needs to fit one's bottom, and so on. Once you lay out the parameters of how the piece works physically then of course your own design sense can kick in and this book will help you be able to draw what your mind's eye wishes to build.

This book started a discussion around our workshop, over which Lost Art Press book is the more essential: By Hand and Eye, which is slightly more in-depth, but also more theoretical, or the get your hands dirty, how-to of By Hound and Eye. We're still divided (ahem) but also stoked that Lost Art Press continues to bring out such amazing books.

By Hound and Eye is 192 pages with a soft-cover and sewn and glued binding. Nearly every page of the book is illustrated.

Table of Contents

Introduction: From Points to Patterns

Section I : Points and Lines
To the Point and Beyond

Section II: Planes
The Shape of Things to Come

Section III: Curves
The Sweetest Distance Between two Points

Section IV: Solids
Of Us, By Us, and For Us

By Hound and Eye is printed in the USA

Pages: 192

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