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Chairmaker's Notebook

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Chairmaker’s Notebook
Chairmaker’s Notebook
Chairmaker’s Notebook
Chairmaker’s Notebook
Chairmaker’s Notebook
Chairmaker’s Notebook
Chairmaker’s Notebook - If only we looked as good in our birthday suit!

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by Peter Galbert

"Chairmaker's Notebook," will appeal to people who've dreamed of making a Windsor chair, but the book - despite the plan on the inside back cover - isn't really about making a chair. Instead, this masterwork, written and extensively illustrated by Peter Galbert, is a portal to understanding woodworking techniques in a deeper way. Galbert, a world renown teacher, demystifies intimidating odd and compound angles and open-ended tools like the drawknife, but keeps a sense of wonder and play in woodworking itself. Galbert has never lost the connection to his youth playing with sticks in the woods, treasuring simplicity and elegance even as he attained mastery over complex turning and carving techniques. The book includes over 500 of Galbert's hand-drawn illustrations that help make his ideas and tips accessible.

"Chairmaker's Notebook" is one of those rare woodworking books that is a perfect document. It is a joy to read, a pleasure to look at and something that will change the way you work...Though I have successfully built Windsor chairs for 11 years now,editing this book has fundamentally changed my shop practices, tools and techniques. I am the book's first and biggest fan."

-- Christopher Schwarz, from the Introduction

This book is destined to be a new classic.

406 pages. Hardbound with a heavy duskcover this book is printed entirely in the US on heavy, easy to read #80 matte 8.5" x 11" paper, its signatures are sewn together and then bound in cloth tape to last several lifetimes.

Pages: 406
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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