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Making Wood Tools with John Wilson

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Traditional Woodworking Tools You Can Make in Your Own Shop
by John Wilson

Making your own tools can give you a lot of satisfaction and also save you some money. In this wonderfully illustrated book on making tools we get a practical look at making the almost two dozen tools that form a core of hand tools for the workshop. The author, John Wilson, who has written for many magazines, including Popular Woodworking, where some of these project first appeared fully describes each project in turn accompanied by color pictures, drawings, and even the summary notes he would hand out to students in his classes.

Wilson is a highly practical builder. His goal is to show you how to build tools that work, using off the shelf parts and basic woodworking skills. The projects include: Block, chisel, compass, jack,scrub and smoothing planes. A spokeshave. A simple saw bench and shop stool. a "moxon vise" which he calls a "dovetail vise" and many others. There is also a section on tool steel and blade making and sharpening tools.

This is a great book for people who want to get started building good tools without getting bogged down in exotic materials or procedures. The book is profusely illustrated in full color.

Pages: 243
Binding: HC
Publisher: Home Shop Books

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