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The Impractical Cabinetmaker

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"Krenov on Composing, Making and Detailing"
by James Krenov

Master cabinetmaker James Krenov has influenced a generation of woodworkers. In this, his third book on living with and working with wood, Krenov attempts to answer questions posed to him by woodworkers from all over the world. (Krenov was born in Siberia and studied and worked in Sweden before moving to the U.S.). He invites the reader into his workshop and shares his woodworking techniques and his philosophy on craft. A series of photographs shows Krenov composing a cabinet directly in the wood, without dimensioned drawings. The book also includes an interesting discussion about repairing mistakes � when to repair and when to accept the mistake gracefully. Not a how-to or a woodworking course, the book is nevertheless a fascinating read and a wonderful introduction to a legendary woodworker�s philosophy.
160 pages. 8 � � x 11. Color and black and white photographs, sketches. Soft cover.

Pages: 160
Binding: TP
Publisher: Linden

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