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  • Carving Tool Sets by Two Cherries

    If you are new to carving we strongly urge you to consider a set. Over the centuries carvers and sellers of carving tools have a pretty good idea of what tools are most popular, and more importantly what sizes are the most useful. We also discount sets more heavily than individual tools The real reason for selling individual tools is for later when you have a sense of the style you are working on and what specifically you are trying to accomplish you can expand very selectively.
    You will find that you do most of your carving with one or two gouges, size and sweep being dependent on the size of the work. After that, the finish work and the detailing is where the other tools assert their importance. A carver doing monumental sculpture will want large straight shanked gouges and the carver of miniatures will want tiny tools with bent handles for detailing. And of course there is the entire range in between.
    The basic set of carving tools, which most people start with, is a set of six tools. In the professional series we also carry a larger set of 12 but I would think that's more for the individual who already has done some carving and wants to upgrade from a different manufacturer of chisels. Free sharpening is available on the purchase of some sets. In addition to standard professional size we also list sets of different smaller carving tools for miniature and other work such as chip carving. Most of these chisels are also offered individually in their respective categories. We also carry severa budget sets.

    For an explanation of the categories of carving tools: Click here.