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  • Starrett Measuring Tools

    We carry a huge selection of Starrett measuring tools. L. S. Starrett invented the combination square in 1880 and still manufactures the best squares with the largest number of sizes and shapes. For a chance to create the perfect combination square for your work click on our combination square wizard below. We also carry a pretty complete selection of their larger and smaller squares and their famous double and engineer's square.
    We carry the entire catalog listing of Starrett accessory rules for their combination squares whicb are listed below.

    Due to a huge worldwide jump in the price of steel, Starrett just now (June 2004) implemented a 6% price rise for all their precision instruments. While normally we try to hold price changes to one per year, this mid-year increase is an unexpected surpise for us and we unfortunately cannot absorb it.

    Note: We only list on our site a small fraction of the huge Starrett inventory. However between our resources and our distributor's we are happy to provide a great price and quick delivery on almost anything Starrett sells. Please email or call us (see the bottom of the page for the number) with your requirements for a quote.