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Starrett Toolmaker's Divider

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Starrett Measuring Tools
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Starrett 6" Toolmaker's Divider ($93.00) Not available
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Starrett 3" Toolmaker's Divider ($83.00) Not available
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Back in the Gramercy Tools machine shop we reach for dividers when utmost precision is required during layout. For transferring measurements, scribing arcs, or designing with ratios, there is no tool more convenient or accurate. Though the toolmaking profession necessitates a high standard, we realized that folks familiar with "By Hand and Eye" might also be in want of a good pair of dividers, perhaps even the best. We present to you the Starrett 277 Toolmaker's Divider, in 6" and 3", a set of workshop dividers to be proud of.

Although rooting through flea markets for a vintage restoration projects is unquestionably an enjoyable activity, for our daily business we turned, as usual, to the finest American toolmaker. You can see and feel the Starrett quality in the precision adjustment action, rounded and polished legs, and sharpened points that you won't have to sharpen before the first use (unlike most modern dividers). What's more, you can be sure the fulcrum stud, bow spring, and points have been tempered for ideal longevity and function.

A pair of 3" dividers works perfectly for detail layout such as dovetailing, but you'll need the 6" for furniture layout, such as designing the size of dresser drawers. Determine the size of pins (or drawers) based on the ratios of antiquity, keep those measurements locked, and transfer them reliably to every face with speed and precision! Once you get used to the convenience they offer (and pick up the tricks from "By Hound and Eye"), you'll be reaching for dividers more and measuring less. And if you plan on remaining faithful to decimals and fractions, never fear: you can set the dividers by seating the points in the etched grooves of a good precision rule, or on the diagonal scale of our BT&C Hardware Store Saw.

Made in Athol, Massachusetts, USA.

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